Tuesday 14 February 2012

toasted marshmallow fudge on valentine's day

I’m not a big believer in St Valentine’s Day. I hate the expectations it brings.

As a modern woman, I disdain the idea of chocolates, roses and a dinner date just because it’s February 14th, but I nonetheless fall into the morose of disappointment when the husband does exactly as I tell him and doesn’t make a fuss.

Poor thing. But he ought to know better after all these years!

So if you want to be sweet to your sweetheart, homemade truffles and treats are always well-received.

Try this toasted marshmallow fudge and see if it doesn’t win you a few sweet kisses.

Toasted Marshmallow Fudge

Adaptation of a Solo Foods recipe. Makes 35 small squares.

½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste (I use this one)
170g (6oz) white chocolate, finely chopped
230g (8oz or 1 cup) sugar
100g (3.5oz) evaporated milk
1 tablespoon milk powder
100g (3.5oz) marshmallows*
60g (1.5oz) butter
1 teaspoon cocoa, for dusting


1. Mix vanilla and white chocolate in a large mixing bowl and set aside.

2. Toast marshmallows over an open flame until they are melting and slightly browned on edges, which gives a smoky flavour.

3. In a medium saucepan mix sugar, evaporated milk, milk powder and half the butter.

4. Bring to full rolling boil over a medium-heat, stirring constantly to prevent burning, until a candy thermometer reaches 110’C (233’F).

5. Add the toasted marshmallows and remaining butter and stir until ingredients are melted and the mixture is smooth.

6. Bring to the boil then pour over chocolate and mix continually to melt chocolate through mixture.

7. Pour fudge into tin, sprinkle with cocoa, then set to room temperature before cutting into squares.

* Or you can cheat and use this toasted marshmallow fluff.


  1. I'm attempting to make vegetarian marshmallows at the moment. If I have any left, I'm going to make these! Maybe I'll put on another batch..

  2. A lovely treat for valentines day or any other day for that matter. I do like valentines day but not in the OTT way that is portrayed in media.

    1. i know what you mean. it's a nice excuse to snuggle up, but i'm not into all the sickly pink and red froufrou

  3. Divine. Nothing like the flavour of toasted marshmallows to warm your heart.

  4. look delicious, as always! love the last photo there as well

  5. Glad to know I'm not alone in the mixed-Valentine's-Day-signals. Hope you had a lovely day anyway, and with that fudge, I bet you did!

    1. i think most women have the same reaction to valentine's day but luckily this year i came home to a wonderful dinner of mussels provencal so i didn't have a chance to feel disappointed!

  6. toasted marshmallow fudge...DIVINE!!

  7. Not a massive fudge lover, but this one sounds great and looks fantastic. I am (if not a fudge fanatic) a toasted marshmallow one :)

    1. i'm not that keen on store-bought fudge either, but homemade versions can be quite amazing.


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