Sunday 1 March 2009

earth hour 2009: blogging event

At 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March millions of people around the world will unite and switch off their lights for one hour, Earth Hour.

This event is a global public awareness campaign about the effects of climate change and I am personally involved in the project in Australia.

In 2009, Earth Hour will take place in more than 80 countries around the world, proving that climate change really is a global threat and that it will take all of us to work together to solve it. We are hoping that Earth Hour reaches one billion people.

In light of this (yes, twas a pun), I would like to throw a challenge out to all bloggers to take part in an Earth Hour food blogging event and cook a recipe that you can enjoy by candle light and that has a low carbon footprint (ie made from locally sourced ingredients and minimal packaging).

Blog your recipe from now until 8:29pm on Saturday 28 March (in your time zone), then at 8:30pm switch off your lights, your computer, your non-essential appliances, take everything off standby and join the world in one hour of beautiful candle light for Earth Hour.

* Post any recipe with a low carbon footprint that can be enjoyed by candle light
* Recipe must be posted before 8:29pm on Saturday 28 March (in your time zone) and cannot be submitted to any other event.
* Include a link back to this post: so others can find the round-up
* Email the following to morselsandmusingsATyahooDOTcomDOTau
- Name
- Location
- Recipe
- One sentence on what makes the recipe have a low carbon footprint
- Permalink
- Blog Name

Since I am heavily involved in Earth Hour in Australia, I might be a tad busy in the week post-Earth Hour but I’ll aim to have the round-up ready on Friday 3 April.

Other ways you can support Earth Hour:
- Turn off your lights and non-essential appliances at 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March
- Sign up online at
- Encourage friends, family and colleagues to participate and sign-up
- Host a Earth Hour logo and hyperlink on your blog
- Check out the downloads from your country’s Earth Hour website and learn about other ways you can get involved


  1. Great idea. Haven't heard of this around here, will investigate.

  2. It's a great idea Anna, & we have quite a bit of publicity in India about it. Have begun thinking about it. Cheers Deeba

  3. We did this last year and really did have dinner by candlelight! I sent out an email to all my neighbors and most of them obliged by turning off their lights for that hour. We unplugged all our appliances and danced the night away in candle-light. It was so much fun!

  4. Great idea Anna,

    A lot of people may get lost (as to what to do with themselves) spending a whole hour in the dark.

    I love it when our lights go off and we have to search for the candles * But to actually prepare for a candlelight dinner with friends will bring an added dimension to Earth Hour.

    Last year we were at a friend’s Wedding Reception on Pittwater & it wasn't possible for them to turn off all the lights inside * But most of us drifted outside to be in the cool night summer air in blissful candlelight.

  5. Hi Anna,

    You won't believe this but I read this post on your blog from a Tweet (with link) provided by Earth Hour themselves!

    It's a great idea and I've got plenty of time to think about the meal I'm going to make that evening.
    Thanks for the suggestions.


  6. I have what I hope is a helpful suggestion for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint while cooking - if you have a grill, consider using a FlameDisk. It's a new charcoal alternative that's just becoming available in the US. It's made from a renewable biofuel (solid ethanol), burns clean for 40 minutes and is completely recyclable when it's done burning. If you're interested in learning about this new eco-friendly grilling option, you can check out the FlameDisk at

  7. What a great idea! Count me in.

  8. Great idea Anna - learnt of this on your blog from Val over at More Than Burnt Toast.

  9. Hi Anna

    I just mailed you my entry!

  10. Hi Anna, I blogged for your event & I don't think I sent the mail. Just found it while clearing my drafts folder. Really sorry about that. Am jusat going to mail you. Cheers Deeba


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