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I'm pretty particular about what I put on this blog, because this is my space to be free.

BUT, if you have your own medium (website, magazine, book), I am a gun for hire.

If you are looking for food, wine or travel content then I'm your gal. I have written recipes, stories and reviews for books, magazines and online sources. Contact me to discuss content requirements, price and timeframe and I’ll provide examples of my work.

This is primarily a cooking and recipe blog, with an interest in the food and drink histories of the world, and therefore any approaches should be relevant to those themes.

Things I would consider reviewing:
• Produce and ingredients
• Cooking appliances
• Cookbooks and magazines
• Cooking classes and food/drink tasting events
• Tours and regional experiences
• Items and events relevant to gastronomy and its history

Please contact me if you’ve got something interesting to spruik (no snake oil), but please don’t send unsolicited products or ask me to promote something I haven’t experienced myself.

Trials and Reviews

If I like it
I will write a post about it, mention that I received it for free and link to the source website

If I don’t like it
I won’t write anything at all. Life is too short.


There will be no advertorials dressed up as guest posts.
There will be no paid advertisements or links on this blog.

Any buttons or links are personal recommendations so please don’t ask me to link to your website willy-nilly, but feel free to send me links to sites that might tickle my fancy.
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