Monday 21 May 2007

kleinmarkthalle, frankfurt's little market

There are a lot of little farmers markets and fresh produce stalls in Frankfurt, including the wonderful Christmas markets in the winter, but in the German spring I happened to venture into Kleinmarkt.

In the centre of Frankfurt, a market has operated on this spot since the 1890s when a pretty glass building was created to house food stalls. Unfortunately the original glass structure was destroyed in WWII fire bombing in 1944, but the building in its place now let’s the remarkable produce and providores act as the real stars.

I was bedazzled by many items in this small market, but here are a few of the more interesting sites on a weekend afternoon.

Cheese and salami stall

Pretty, crinkled cabbages

All different kinds of soft sausages

Bärlauch is a type of giant garlic, also known as ramsons, buckrams,
wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek and bear garlic

Physalis (or cape gooseberries) are popular in the spring

Goose eggs

Skinned rabbits, waiting to be roasted

This shops sells anything to do with pigs!

I can confirm, it's true, Germans just love sausages!

If you haven't been to Germany, I highly recommend German food. It's a seriously underrated cuisine.

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