Monday 17 September 2007

poire & prosecco

To be honest, I wanted to come up with something much more exciting for this month’s fizz themed Mixology Monday, but time got away from me and I had to resort to the staid and easily accessible aka boooriiing (but I don't mean boring flavours, the flavours are good it's just the inventiveness that's lacking here).

It’s a bit disappointing because just like our host, Gabriel at cocktailnerd, fizzy cocktails are amongst my favourite, particularly champagne cocktails.

My contribution is this Poire & Prosecco, an amalgamation of the usual Poire William Champagne and (peach) Bellini cocktails.

Poire & Prosecco
Serves 1:

1 part pear nectar, chilled
1 part Poire William, chilled
Prosecco, chilled
Add nectar and liqueur to champagne glass then top, carefully, with Prosecco.

Check out cocktailnerd’s round up of all the other bubbly cocktails. I can’t wait to tickle my noise with the multitude of bubbles.


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  1. Dear Anna,
    I saw your receipes, they all are delicious.


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