Sunday, 25 November 2007

festive food fair reminder


You’ll have to excuse my absence for the next two weeks but I’m travelling for work and I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to blog while I’m overseas.

In the meantime, please don’t forget about the Festive Food Fair:

Last year we had 67 entries in honour of global festive food and I'd like to invite everyone share their feasting recipes in 07.

This can include drinks, appetisers, entrees, mains, salads, desserts – if it’s special to your family or culture, it’s special to us too!

Diwali, Thanksgiving, Eid al Adha, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years Eve - whatever tickles your fancy or peaks your interest.

What to do?
Before midnight Sunday 9 December, email to morselsandmusingsATyahooDOTcomDOTau your:
- permalink
- name
- blog name
- recipe name
- recipe type (drink, salad, dessert etc)
- city, state, country

House keeping:
- link your post back to the event announcement so your readers can find the recap
- entries cannot be used for multiple events, other than photo events
- you can submit multiple entries

Also, if you know about other holiday-food blogging events, please let me know so I can include a link to those recaps in my round-up.

Hope you can make it!



  1. Such a nice event , will try to send u something.I had made something for Diwali but that i had sent it for a another event. So will make something new

  2. Hi Anna,

    I sent you an entry yesterday, and I was wondering whether you got it? My Outlook, ir is it Yahoo, have been playing up, and I know some email I sent never reached their destinations, so I just wanted to check.


  3. Hi Anna,
    I had send you a mail yesterday for the event; hope you got it

  4. Hi Anna,

    It's such a wonderful idea - alas, my kitchen doesn't see much of me these days. I don't want to think about it but this Christmas could be the first with no Christmas baking whatsoever..;-(
    At least I'll be able to have a look at what other people are up to!


  5. Just happen to find this link and count me in! I just posted my entry :-)


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