Saturday 3 November 2007

sydney good food month: week IV

On Wednesday this past week, Good Food Month came to an end for another year.

In the last few days some eager foodies managed to squeeze in a little more gluttony and here are the results:

JenJen from Milk and Cookies ventured out last weekend to the Sydney Food & Wine Fair in Hyde Park. Her photos capture the festive atmosphere of the event, snapping people, greenery and a game of oversized chess, not to mention a gorgeous Bathers Pavilion almond tart with fresh berries and cream.

Emily (aka Pickles) from Pickles Perks also indulged at the Sydney Food & Wine Fair and her photos highlight the extensive and diverse food options on the day: burgers, lemongrass and prawn salad, cupcakes, lemon tarts, bbq quail and pork sausages and sauerkraut . . . to name just a few.

While Emily and Jen were busy eating at Hyde Park, I was in Surry Hills watching the butchers at Hudson Meats deconstruct a spring lamb. I learnt all about carving as well as where the various cuts of meat come from and what happens to the waste. It was so educational that I’d recommend to everyone.

Kat from Coffee Habits took one more Sugar Hit, this time at the Shangri-la Hotel. The Chocolate Lovers Plate contained a Trio of Rhubarb & White Chocolate Gelato; 70% Excellence Macaroon w Raspberry Ganache; and Roast Banana Gianduja Mousse w Coconut Crisp. Read over her post to see just how much she enjoyed this one!

My last GFM activity was Let’s Do Lunch at Bécasse, where I melted over the divine slow roast rump of rose veal w crushed potatoes & warm vinaigrette of spring vegetables. Not to mention the vanilla & cardamom pannacotta w blood orange granita and the musk stick soufflé w yoghurt ice cream & cantaloupe coulis. Food orgasm!

So that’s it for Good Food Month 2007!

Here’s the final run down:

Sugar Hits
InterContinental – Grab Your Fork
Sheraton on the Park – Not Quite Nigella
Westin – Itadakimasu
Radisson – Coffee Habits
Sofitel Wentworth – Grab Your Fork
Westin – Grab Your Fork
Shangri-la – Coffee Habits

Let’s Do Lunch
Essence – Morsels & Musings
Quadrant – Coffee Habits
Glass Wine Bar – Morsels & Musings
Zilver – Coffee Habits
Bécasse – Morsels & Musings

High Tea
InterContinental – Morsels & Musings
InterContinental– Sweet Sins

Cocktail of the Month
Café Sydney – Morsels & Musings
Hemmesphere – Morsels & Musings
Industrie, South of France – Morsels & Musings

Events & Activities
Chocolate Workshop – Itadakimasu
Night Noodle Markets – Itadakimasu
Pyrmont Growers’ Markets – Sweet Sins
Sydney Food & Wine Fair – Milk and Cookies
Sydney Food & Wine Fair – Pickles Picks
Deconstructing a Whole Lamb – Morsels & Musings

Start saving for 2008!

Fork image from the SMH GFM website.



  1. Again Anna, I must say you are a legend for putting it all together!

    It was great to see what everyone else got up to during GFM. I wasn't able to do many of the events although everyone's posts made me feel like I was part of the action.

  2. Hi Anna, I joined the jumping group!! who knew such a group existed =P

  3. Thanks for the round-up, Anna! (And by the way, bel mondo has extended their Friday Let's Do Lunch into November because of the demand. So I'll be going to one more. :-)

  4. Thanks for all the great work, Anna! As Jenjen said, I haven't been able to attend everything but reading about all these experiences still let me take part in it!


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