Tuesday 29 January 2008

iced apricot drink

In July 2006, Fanny from Food Beam was bragging about the luscious apricots she harvested from a tree in her garden and made me incredibly jealous.

Apricots used to be one of my favourite fruits when I was a kid and lived closed to the orchards, but these days all the apricots I buy taste floury and not very sweet.

Fanny had a drink recipe that would be excellent for both sweet apricots is also good for using up apricots that aren’t good enough to eat on their own.

The iced drink recipe looked so good it stuck in my head until last weekend when I finally made it.

Fanny was so pleased that she could make her version without sugar, but my apricots weren’t as sweet as the beauties from her backyard, so I did need to add some sugar syrup to this drink.

Iced Apricot Drink
Fanny’s recipe. Serves 2.
4 apricots
2 cups ice cubes
¼ cup iced water
Ice cubes, extra for serving
1. Put everything into a food processor and blitz for at least 40 seconds.
2. Pour in tall glasses and add extra ice cubes. Serve and chill your mouth!
Anna’s Variations: (serves 4)
10 apricots, halved & stones removed
2 cups ice
½ cup ice water
¼ cup sugar syrup

It was sweet, flavoured strongly with apricots and very refreshing on a hot day.




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