Thursday 21 August 2008

eating my way through tokyo

Tokyo was amazing. We tried (and saw) so many deliciously intriguing foods and I ate some of the best tuna sashimi my tongue has ever had the pleasure to embrace.

But it wasn't just the food of Tokyo that won us over: the Japanese people were so kind and friendly that we felt safe and welcome everywhere we went. People were so helpful even if they couldn't speak English and we certainly couldn't speak Japanese!!!

Jonas and I have decided that we definitely want to return to Japan (and soon)! We want to spend more time devouring ramen and miso and venture to Kyoto, the Yamagata area and down into the south of Honshu and even Kyushu.

But, in the meantime, we can salivate over our most recent memories . . .

Great sashimi: fatty tuna, mackerel and octopus.

Ito Konnyaku: sliced gel made from the starchy corm of a perennial plant known as konnyaku, konjaku, konjac, devil's tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm or elephant yam.

Udon noodles in a light broth with shredded beef.

Red bean dessert pudding with berries and cereal.

Tempura mizuna (lettuce) and other veggies.

Corn ice tea

A tomato based Japanese curry with brown rice.

Wagyu slices for shabu-shabu

Kibi-Dango are sweet millet dumplings, flavoured with things such as green tea, then rolled in soybean flour. They are street desserts from the Edo period (1603-1868).

Soba noodles doused in a cold sesame dressing.

Bontio sashimi & a yuzu chuhai (sake based cocktail)

Everywhere little dessert shops sell jelly and custard treats.

Fruit and vegetables are treated like gold and some of the best produce are sold in boxes as gifts.

Japanese beer!

One of the many milky drinks Japan excels at. This one is strawberry.

Miso drenched vegetables and seafood

Deep fried soft buns filled with sweet red bean paste.

Chicken gizzard skewers

Well, I hope you found all that interesting. We sure did!


  1. Japan is indeed a beautiful country. Next round should go to ancient cities like Kyoto and Kobe. They have more to offer.

  2. All the food looks really wonderful. I'd love to go to Japan (unfortunately it's a looooong ways away for me.)

  3. Looks so absolutely amazing. Was it expensive? I really would love to go to Japan for the food but I have heard that it is really expensive and not necessarily better then the sashimi we can get in Vancouver. mmm but shabu shabu and ramen... yummy!

  4. Lovely pics and so much food!! while I am sure you really had a blast eating your way through tokyo, it'll be nice to know what jonas ate? just want a ray of hope that vegetarians might just survive there!

  5. I was OBSESSED with dango as a 17y.o. and still have fond memories of seeking the sweet sticky sticks out on the streets of Japan. Come to think of it I haven't been back for 5 years! Take me back...!!

    I wouldn't be too fussed to miss Kyoto.. Tokyo's where it all at! :)


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