Monday 20 October 2008

turkish almond & banana milk

This is a quick post today.

The recipe is basically a smoothie with the elegant, enriching addition of almonds. The recipe is basically the same as that posted by lovely Turkish-Canadian blogger, Binnur.

Muzlu Süt (Almond & Banana Milk)

Based on a recipe from
Binnur's Turkish Cookbook. Makes 2.

1 ripe banana, sliced
4 teaspoons almond meal
1 teaspoon honey
1¼ cups milk
4 ice cubes


1. Put the ice, banana, honey, almond meal and milk into the blender. Blend well.
2. Pour into a glass and drink with the bubbles.


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  1. the banana milk looks good, but the smoked salmon rocks... looks fabulous!


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