Monday 15 December 2008

try this! shiraz vintage chocolate

Cocoa Farm approached me, and many other bloggers, to review their new Shiraz Wine Chocolate Barrels.

Being a food blogger is so tough.

Having already tried their wine chocolates previously, I was quite happy to do it again in a “professional context” because I knew I could give their product a glowing review.

First, there are two things about Cocoa Farm that I love:
1) they are Australia’s first cocoa plantation
2) they mix wine and chocolate!

The moment you open the chocolate you are struck with a slightly sweet, spicy and alcoholic aroma that starts your mouth watering.

Visually the gloss and audible snap of high quality chocolate is not there, and you’ll find a slight powdery consistency upon entry, but this immediately gives way to a creamy quality once it reaches the heat of your mouth.

There is definitely a slight pepper at the back of your palate and the dried raisins taste of robust mulled wine. The overall flavour intensity is high and the chocolates are dangerously moreish. Dangerously. In fact one could devour an entire box/block with ease.

As I said, I have always been a big fan of these chocolates, and the latest range is no different.

My only critique is that the shapely barrel moulds are clever, but every single one was scratched on its surface, so perhaps the protective box needs to be sturdier?

That’s it from this happy chocolate lover. I’m off to savour my very last barrel of shiraz chocolate!

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