Friday 9 October 2009

gnocchi w sage & burnt butter

Sticking to my Potato Week theme (today is Day 5), this is my contribution to Presto Pasta Nights, hosted by Joanne from Eats Well With Others.

Gnocchi are really Italian potato dumplings, just like Swedish palt, German schupfnudeln, Hungarian krumplinudli, Slovak halušky and Lithuanian didžkukuliai (awesome names, huh!).

According to Wikipedia, gnocchi "was introduced by the Roman Legions during the enormous expansion of the empire into the countries of the European continent. In the past 2,000 years each country developed its own specific type of small dumplings, with the ancient gnocchi as their common ancestor. In Roman times, gnocchi were made from a semolina porridge-like dough mixed with eggs, and are still found in similar forms today, particularly in Sardinia . . . The use of potato is a relatively recent innovation, occurring after the introduction of the potato to Europe in the 16th century."

This burnt butter sauce is one of Jonas' absolute favourites.

Gnocchi w Sage & Burnt Butter

Recipe from . Serves 4 (main) or 6 (starter)


100g unsalted butter, chopped
16-20 small sage leaves
1 recipe gnocchi, cooked
1 cup (80g) shaved or grated parmesan


1. Place chopped butter into a large frying pan over medium heat.

2. Cook until melted then add sage leaves to pan.

3. Cook butter and sage leaves, swirling pan often, for 4-5 minutes or until sage leaves are crisp and butter has turned a deep nut-brown colour.

4. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

5. Add gnocchi to frying pan and toss to coat in burnt sage butter.

6. To serve, divide gnocchi among bowls, spooning over any burnt butter that is left in the frying pan. Sprinkle with parmesan and enjoy immediately.

I love to add a few tablespoons of toasted pine nuts at the end.


  1. Mmmm... looks very yummy! Glad that the Robbo potoatoes turned out OK. It was good exercise carting them around Sydney by bus!

  2. Dinner tonight! I love anything with all that lovely sage.

  3. Thanks Anna! I made this for dinner tonight. I added a pinch of cinnamon and sugar because I thought it needed a little sweetness. Fab!


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