Saturday 24 October 2009

banana & honey frozen yoghurt

It seems rather decadent to have ice cream for breakfast, and unhealthy too, but this recipe couldn’t be better for you!

Would you eat a bowl of natural yoghurt, some banana slices and a drizzle of honey? Well this recipe uses all the same ingredients only blended and frozen in an ice cream machine.

This is a case of having your ice cream and eating it too!
But, you will need to eat your frozen yoghurt on the day you make it.

Sugars and fats are what stop ice cream from seizing up so, since this recipe doesn’t have much of either, you can be sure 24hrs in the freezer will lead to one solid block. If this does happen, you can put chucks into a blender and churn out soft serve, but then you’ll need to eat it fast!

Banana & Honey Frozen Yoghurt

Anna’s very own recipe. Makes approximately half a litre.

500g natural yoghurt (I used low fat)
1 ripe banana
2 tablespoons honey


1. Combine ingredients in a processor or blender.

2. Taste for sweetness.

3. Chill according to ice cream machine instructions.

4. Serve (on the same day) with chopped pistachios and a drizzle of honey.

add ¼ teaspoon of ground cardamom or cinnamon.


  1. Hi Anna

    I like your style. You have that quintessential worldliness of palate that Aussies seem to excel at. Might be why I am in love with Skye Gyngell and Donna Hay. Your work reminds me of that sort of cooking and has me itching to travel. I'll spend many hours drooling over your site.
    Thanks also for putting a V next to veggie dishes, as we're both in the same "Married Mr. Tofu" boat. Hope someday you can get a copy of Adaptable's all mixed diet all the time!

    All the zest,

  2. That sounds fantastic, and perfect for a summer breakfast! Poor me with no ice cream machine. I wonder if freezing the bananas ahead of time, and maybe blending in some ice, would thicken it up enough that just a quick visit to the freezer is all it needs? I might have to experiment with this.

    I also bet that, if you did let it freeze solid, it would make great popsicles!


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