Friday, 1 January 2010

food memories

Sometimes, on our travels or eating out at restaurants, I stumble across dishes that stick in my mind long after the experience has ended. I mull over the flavours and ingredients and wonder how to make it again at home.

This post will now be a new fixture in my blog, where I list amazing dishes that I plan to replicate at home. It won't be an exhaustive list of the most wonderful things I've eaten, but rather the dishes that translate to a home kitchen.

Hopefully I'll be able to reproduce some of them again, or at least get as close as possible.

Food Memories 
Ajo Blanco - MoVida
Almond Stuffed Dates rolled in Jamon w Lemon Salt - Alira
Angel Chips - Manta 
Amaretto Pannacotta - Manta  
Baby Spinach, Egg, Breadcrumbs & White Anchovy Salad - Gigi's
Cherry Crepe Gratin - Fichtekränzi
Chestnut Agnolotti - Rockpool
Chorizo, Artichoke & Lemon Tapa - Ash Street Cellar
Dadar Unti - Casa Luna
Edamame w Chilli - Wagamama
Honeydew Melon Soup w Sago & Basil Seeds - Pier Tasting Room
Horseradish Coleslaw - Fix St James
Lamb, Currant & Almond Sausage Roll - Bourke Street Bakery
Lemon Yoghurt-Custard Borek - Foodarama
Mandarin & Star Anise Jellies - Marque
Passionfruit & Jasmine Ice Tea - The Tea Parlour
Pavlova Martini - Arthouse Hotel
Payaasam (Indian Dessert) - Flying Fish
Polpette - Omerta
Pulled Pork Sliders - Mai Tai Bar
Red Cabbage, Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad - A Tavola
Snapper Sashimi w Truffle Oil & Pork Crumbs - Toko
Spaghettini w Spanner Crab, Chilli & Cherry Tomatoes - Manta
Straw Mushrooms w Coconut - Cochin
Tuna Tartare w Vietnamese Dressing - Pier Tasting Room
Vincisgrassi - Buzo
White Truffle Ice Cream - Tetsuya's
Yoghurt Baked Lamb - The Press Club

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