Sunday 4 April 2010

anna in chocolate wonderland

Happy Easter everyone!

In countries where Easter wins you some days off work, this is the time for gorging on chocolate and catching up with the family.

Well, I have stumbled upon a chocolate goldmine! Lindt asked me to join an exclusive group of food bloggers as part of the Lindt Lovers Program.

I do like Lindt chocolate.
OK, so I love it.

Intense Pear, Intense Orange and Intense Mint are my chocolate bars of choice and in most recipes I cook with Lindt 70%.

So when I was asked to be part of this group, I was thrilled and said that it won’t be hard to convince me to love Lindt chocolate!

To kick off the program, the Lindt Lover bloggers were gathered in Sydney for some chocolate tasting and a Gold Class viewing of Tim Burton’s new film, Alice in Wonderland.

It was a great chance to meet the other bloggers as well as Lindt’s Swiss-born Master Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler.

Thomas seems to have such a patient, gentle manner which is probably a good thing when you regularly need to temper chocolate. But he’s also very generous with his knowledge and enthusiasm for chocolate and desserts.

New on Lindt’s Australian menu (and the favourite for almost everyone) was the “Touch of Sea Salt”, a flat, shiny 100g block of dark chocolate flecked with crunchy crystals of mouth-watering salt. The combination between the bitter-sweet chocolate and salt is just amazing and should be illegal it’s so addictive.

One chocolate fiend was so enamoured she offered me three blocks of dark chocolate for my one salt block, but being equally won-over I declined the offer. Jonas was pleased with this decision when he popped a square of salty chocolate into his mouth and swooned.

The event was great. There was some hobnobbing, some chocolate tasting, sparkling wine drinking and then a cosy Gold Class cinema chair to watch the movie (which I loved – very dark and quirky). I was surprised when halfway through the film attendants delivered enough food to count as my dinner and dessert.

Then after the film the Lindt team gave us two Lindt gift bags with delicious chocolaty treats and Thomas had prepared an egg for every blogger with our names elegantly pipped in white chocolate.

I went home overloaded with kilos of gorgeous chocolate and a goofy, chocolate-smeared smile on my face.

Too good to be true!!! Can’t wait for the next Lindt Lover event . . . . and another block of that sea salt chocolate.


  1. That was such a great night! I have to say that I absolutely loved the film and the way everything was done :) It was great to see you again-hope you're having a fabulous, chocolate filled Easter! :D

  2. Lovely meeting you Anna - it was Lindt-a-licious wasn't it? The movie, the seats, the chocolate...... I haven't had the heart to eat my personalised's so pretty.. have you?

  3. So so very jealous i am

  4. What an awesome event. I love love lindt chocolate. Especially the Peanut butter filled eggs. Oh dear. Alice in Wonderland is a great movie. Tim Burton is amazing.

  5. Love the post title Anna - it was exactly that - I think we were all in wonderland that night!

  6. I'm so ecstatic to hear that the Sea Salt is now available in Australia! I actually wrote to them last year nagging them to bring it out here :P Now I don't have to buy ten bars in New York this week, as I'd planned to before my flight home!

  7. hehe great to see you again and lol the sea salt chocolate was so freaking awesome!

  8. Looking forward to meeting you at the next Lindt Lovers event!

    And yes the Fleur de Sel Lindt is swoon worthy!

  9. It was a top night, wasn't it? I had a wee attack of 'the shys' and don't think I got to meet you but hopefully at the next Lindt Lovers event...?

  10. Lindt Sea Salt and Raspberry are my absolute must have been in heaven :)


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