Sunday 11 July 2010

world cup final

This is a World Cup post.

I love the World Cup. Every four years I become a football fanatic, getting up in the middle of the night to watch all the games, following the tactical analysis on sports shows and reading up on the players on football websites.

I recite the stats, scream my lungs out and bore everyone to death.
And then I forget about it for another four years.

I get so emotional when I watch football that if I followed it every year I think I’d end up having a heart-attack.

This year I was going for Australia, but after we were knocked out I did something that shocked even me – I started cheering for Germany (again!).

Let’s face it, Germany isn’t a very popular country. We all know why.

No one ever cheers for them, but I was passionate about the Germany team. They were such a force and the players were so young. I was amazed by their skills and their youth.

When they lost to Spain I actually shed a tear. And I felt so bad for poor Miroslav Klose who was 2 points off taking the highest scorer ever in international football.

But after Germany beat Uruguay to take third place, tonight Spain plays the Netherlands in the final and I am cheering for Spain.



  1. woop! viva la espania!

    ps I'm making your Djej Emshmel tonight for Dave – wish me luck



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