Friday, 24 November 2006

try this! pat & stick's ice cream sandwiches

$6 for one
$20 for a box of four

While browsing disinterestedly through an overpriced deli in my local plaza, I happened upon Pat & Stick's Ice Cream Sandwiches.

They looked so dainty wrapped in wax paper and secured by a pastel pink band with Pat & Stick's chocolate brown branding. I simply couldn't resist, but should I go for the pretty box of four or just the one?

After much deliberation, I bought two to share with Jonas: the double chocolate and the amaretti espresso.

Double Chocolate
Rich Belgian couveture chocolate ice cream with a choc-fudge cookie.

Amaretti Espresso
Amaretti and almond lace cookie with a seductive espresso ice cream.
Being the chocolate fiend that I am, the Double Chocolate was my pick while I selected the Amaretti Espresso for Jonas.

Funnily enough, we swapped in the end because we preferred each other's!

I adored the bittersweet creaminess of the coffee ice cream and the delicious crunchy almond biscuit. Jonas liked the cakey, soft chocolate cookie and the light, milky Belgian chocolate ice cream.

Regardless, in the end we were both more than happy.

They are expensive, but they're special. It's a childhood memory converted into adult decadence and it's not just the edible part that's fantastic. The packaging is equally seductive in it's quaint, retro style.

I am hooked and, since I had a look at all the amazing flavours on their website, I am determined to try more! I love the look of Mango Shortcake (smooth mango ice cream with a delicate shortcake cookie); Peach Party (sweet peach ice cream sandwiched between a vanilla-chocolate cookie); Bananarama (rum flambé banana ice cream and a banana bread cookie) and Christmas Cookie (gingerbread with an ice cream medley of glace fruits, rum, pistachios and chocolate).

If you're interested to learn more about Pat & Stick, I found this great article from the Sydney Morning Herald. I love learning how great ideas transform into success stories, especially when it involves food!



  1. That bought on a severe case of dairy eating envy!

  2. Great minds think alike, I had a Pat & Stick "vanilla lace" a few weeks ago too, here.

    Absolutely LOVED it

  3. i have been dreaming about it ever since.

    i must confess, it actually got me to start drinking coffee.

  4. ok, stop the torture anna.

  5. My boyfriend picked some of these up a couple of weeks ago.He too had the same dilemma of how many to buy.Love the packaging.

  6. I absolutely love Pat and Sticks ice cream. I am aiming at trying all the flavours at least once. I think i'm only up to three, so theres a lot more eating to be had!

  7. Pat and Sticks is most definitely the best ice-cream you can buy at a deli.


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