Monday, 13 November 2006

recipe carousel #22 - pancakes

Growing up as a kid my Dad made the best pancakes in the world. He made huge fluffy American style ones that a kid could get lost in. I would drown them in butter and maple syrup, or eat them cold with jam.

Then Jonas came into my life with his Swedish style pancakes, soft and flat like crepes and it seems now I prefer the thinner ones. More dense than soft and cakey. I drown these in maple syrup too.

Not real maple syrup either. I grew up on maple flavoured syrup. As an adult I was panting like a puppy to try real Vermont or Canadian maple syrup, but when I did I was so disappointed with the subtle, elegant flavour. It was simply too mild after years of maple flavoured bludgeoning.

I have never successfully made the transition to real maple syrup, which is something I’m a little ashamed of, but in the end I want to eat what I like and in this case I like the synthetics.

Last week Recipe Carousel focused on breakfast, with the omission of pancakes. This week pancakes have their own special place, with seven recipes, both sweet and savoury.

Kalingad Ghavan are watermelon pancakes from Ashwini in the USA (Food for Thought). These candy coloured snacks are light and fruity, made from fresh watermelon, jaggery and cardamom and come from India’s Konkan area. The recipe was made by Ashwini’s grandmother, who would use the white rind of the watermelon so as not to waste a thing, but these days you can use the fruit flesh to obtain that wonderful pink colour. Photo courtesy of Ashwini.

Brie & Apple Pancakes with Crispy Pancetta is an interesting combination of sweet and savoury from Johanna in the UK (The Passionate Cook). Her recipe was based on the book of another food blogger, with the addition of a little Johanna flare thrown in too. Brie and apples are chopped finely and folded through pancake batter flavoured with cinnamon and buttermilk. The pancakes are served with luscious crème fraîche and strips of crispy bacon. Photo courtesy of Johanna.

Masala Dosa is a favourite of Indira in India (Mahanandi). These crispy pancakes are eaten with chutneys or relishes or in the case of Masala Dosa, they are filled with spicy potato curry. Indira provides step by step instructions, with photos, on how to make this gorgeous lunch or light snack. Watch out, soon you might be dining in one of Indira’s franchise. Photo courtesy of Indira.

Oatmeal Pancakes is a magnificent pancake recipe from Elise in the USA (Simply Recipes). She soaks oats in buttermilk overnight then fries up these delightfully light looking griddle cakes. Topped with maple syrup and fresh fruit, how could anyone say no? Photo courtesy of Elise.

Galette aux Herbes et son nid d’Oeuf is an egg baked in a herb galette nest from Béa in the USA (La Tartine Gourmande). Inspired by memories of greedily gobbling down crêpes while her mother cooked, Béa devised a savoury recipe making a nest out of buckwheat, coriander and parsley to bake a mixture of egg, mushrooms, herbs and pancetta. She also explains that crêpes are sweet whereas galettes are savoury. Mon Dieu! French can be a tricky language. Photo courtesy of Béa.

Banh Xeo are Vietnamese style pancakes, served up to us by Helen in Australia (Grab Your Fork). Helen artfully argues that these pancakes, with their lacy, crunchy texture, are the perfect meal for fried food lovers because they still contain healthy ingredients. The pancakes are flavoured with shallot, prawns and pork and then filled with fresh bean sprouts. Served with mustard greens, Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese basil, coriander, shiso and nuoc cham (a tangy fish sauce, chilli and carrot dressing) you get more than your share of greens. Photo courtesy of Helen.

Buttermilk Pancakes are fluffy flapjacks from Jessica in the USA (Pease Porridge). A snow storm forced the family to shelter in their cosy home and feast upon pancakes. Real butter and real maple syrup is the rule in this house and these pancakes look superb. Photo courtesy of Jessica.

And sorry to everyone that Recipe Carousel was a bit late this week. Blogger just didn't want to open for me!

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  1. Hi Anna, thanks for including my recipe - I also very much liked the pear pancakes with blueberry sauce I made recently
    I also love Bea's idea of baking an egg in a pancake... will have to try this soon!

  2. Thanks a lot Anna. I think your idea is great and it surely gives me tons of other new ideas from looking at others' recipes!

  3. This is such a wonderful idea Anna. I have absolutely no problem about my recipe and photo being included.
    I will be coming here on weekends to get inspiration from fellow bloggers for sure :-)

  4. yum yum yum... who doesn't love pancakes? those watermelon pancakes sound crazy good and Bea never fails to astound with her presentation.

    Gread idea for a recipe carousel. Thanks for your research--and including one of mine as well :)

  5. breakfast is SUCH an important meal!!

  6. Hmm ,its look yummy ...
    In Indonesia is call it " serabi" with coconut sauce... slrrrp

  7. Anna,
    You got me at the title. 'Recipe Carousel'...what a great name. I wonder why I didn't stumble at your blog earlier. Never mind. :)
    I would like to link my only post on pancakes here.
    Hope it is ok with you.

  8. i loved that post since i love Pancakes ....and funny enough i am a french girl who lived 15 years in Sweden (gôteborg) and a year in Sydney so we have some stuff to share if not our passion for Food
    Garance " Les Cuisines de Garance"

  9. I love the pancakes on your recipe carousel they looks so delicious and makes me want to maket them. My favorite, and I might try to make it this weekend, is swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam.

  10. I like pancakes... yours look really good! The first recipe I wrote on my blog was ricotta pancake... you should try it, I am sure you will like it.

  11. Wow! What a lot of wonderful recipes, I am going to have to work through them all this evening! Thanks for your hard work on this event!


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