Wednesday 27 December 2006

try this! frizz coffee

I have made an amazing discovery at my local green grocer. With summer in full swing, coffee addicts will be looking for cooler ways to get their caffeine hit. Enter Frizz Coffee, a red and black labelled bibita direct from Italy.

This is the first coffee flavoured soft drink I’ve tried and, although the initial concept is confusing (cold, fizzy coffee?), the result is satisfying.

Cooled down like lemonade, this drink makes a decidedly sweet and refreshing beverage. It’s slightly frizzante and has a determined coffee flavour. Jonas, who was a barista for four years, marvels at how Frizz Coffee develops a true coffee crema when poured over ice.

I drink this as a cheeky breakfast sipper, afternoon delight or partnered with vanilla ice cream for an adult spider. AUD$5.99 gets me a 6 pack of 180ml bottles and there’s even a liquorice version (although I haven’t been game enough to try this one).



  1. hi there. nice blog! I'll be dropping by again. Merry Christmas!
    Shaz from Singapore

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing! I've had coffee flavoured soft drinks before from Vietnam. I wonder how the Italian version fares...Could you please tell which grocery store you found this? Perhaps I'll try my luck in Haberfield this afternoon?

  3. i bought it just near haberfield - norton street grocer in leichhardt! happy hunting.

  4. OK now it was funny at first... but it's gone too far.

    The game has been offline for over 4 days, and we're starting to freak out.

    Please return Frizz to us, or at least let him log in (if that's possible in liquid form) and give us back our TinyCrack.

    Please respond immediately, or we will have to take more extreme measures.


  5. Poor poor frizz T.T

    - SeanyMemory

  6. Incoming transmission...

    Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzzzz!

    We,Shak'Kahr, have developed our new weapon, the shak-coffee maker and have sucessfully turned Frizz into coffee! Hahahahahaha!

    Together with our new alliance with the bandits, we shall turn you all Tinywarzians into coffee soon.

    Prepare your armies as next month will be the commencement of our invasion in all the planets.


    End of transmission...

  7. OK now seriously, jokes over, give us back our Frizz. We need him. You people disgust me, taking Frizz away from the millions of children, both alien and human, who need him.

    I will probably sue you on legal terms on charges of breaking and entering, kidnapping and fraud.

    You people need to learn when to give up. Frizz belongs to us. We have a copyright on him. If you so wish to view it, you may search out on google.

    Your recent kidnapping makes us believe that you are government operatives, and as such we are forced to shoot you.


  8. Hey guys just be patient.
    Frizz is just taking over their minds. This coffee stuff goes strait ro the BRAIN!!
    (who would call this vacation?!)

    Shak! Give Him Back!

  9. Don't mind these guys, Frizz is the name of the Admin of a game we all play online. He is on vacation, and the server crashed, and they are bored out of their wits. Sorry about their posts.


  10. I'm curious exactly where you can buy Frizz coffee in the Sydney CBD area. If I drink Frizz, do I gain his powers?


  11. oh lol maybe i shoulda read better. didnt realise it was an aus thread lol.... i wonders if its in tassie at all.


  12. Noooooz!!! Frizz has become a caffeine drink? :(

    You people are terrible, liquefying and caffeinating our favorite person....



    Return Frizz to us or we shall take all of your nodes and not let you get any beacons.

    You have one cycle of Hellion to comply.

  14. FRIZZ R BAKk!


  15. You are lucky that you returned Frizz to us in time...

    We shall now spare you, and your people, and your planet.

    Do not let this happen again or we will take DRASTIC measures...

    Love, The Tinywarz Addicts

  16. you guys are hilarious. i hope frizz was returned to you safely in IT land.

  17. In the U.S. you can find Frizz at


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