Monday 5 February 2007

recipe carousel #32 - coffee

For four years Jonas was a barista. People would travel distances to drink his coffee. He could make patterns by pouring in the milk and one café doubled its coffee sales two months after he started there. He was, in our little world, a coffee whiz kid.

Then there was me.

I’d go into his café and people would laugh when I told them I don’t drink coffee. They thought it was hilarious that the coffee genius dated someone who didn’t even drink coffee.

Well, this year I started drinking coffee. It all began with the cold Frizz Coffee sodas and then I moved onto the real stuff in the mornings. I have developed a real addiction to the flavour, especially when sweetened.

So, here are seven coffee recipes to keep my new love alive.

Winter Spiced Coffee Brûlée is one way to warm cold days and comes from Nic in the USA (bakingsheet). Nic grinds coffee beans with whole cloves, red and green peppercorns and small fragments of cinnamon bark. She recommends going easy on the spices and slowly adding more until you reach the right consistency, otherwise it could turn out to be one hefty cup of Joe. She brews the coffee then mixes it with steaming milk, before scattering the surface with sugar and caramelising with a brûlée torch. Photo courtesy of Nic.

Chocolate Coffee Hearts comes from Haalo in Australia (Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once). On this occasion she provides us with a simple ganache which “results in an exceptionally soft and smooth truffle”. Dark chocolate is added to heated cream and then espresso and coffee liqueur are stirred into the melted product. Haalo then let the ganache set overnight before cutting out heart shapes with a cookie cutter and dusting them with edible glitter sugar. Photo courtesy of Haalo.

Black Trumpet & Coffee Crusted Pork is an invention by Joe in the USA (Foodie NYC). Aiming for “bold and earthy flavours” Joe ground dried black trumpet mushrooms with roasted coffee, then added nutmeg and curry powder to create a crust for roasting pork loin. The pork was wrapped tightly in plastic wrap then allowed to marinate for a few hours. The sweet pork meat was then roasted and served in slices with an eggplant puree. The results, according to Joe’s excited post, were amazing. Photo courtesy of Joe.

BaCiCo Frappé is a summer refresher from Zorra in Spain (Kochtopf) and stands for Banana-Cinnamon-Coffee Frappé. Zorra takes brown sugar, lemon juice and a shot of espresso then rounds this off with a banana, some milk and a pinch of cinnamon. After a quick blend she tops this liquid dessert with whipped cream and some decorative coffee beans. Slurp, slurp! Photo courtesy of Zorra.

Mocha Pecan Torte comes from Zinnur (Our Patisserie). When entertaining over 100 people, Zinnur served this Alice Medrich recipe in thin slices: 8 cakes feed 100 people. This is one of Zinnur’s favourite cakes and even though she doesn’t drink coffee, she adores the way it tastes alongside pecans and chocolate. Zinnur thinks the cake tastes better when it’s made one day ahead, so make the base and then start on the mocha glaze the next day. Photo courtesy of Zinnur.

Chilled Cappuccino Custard in Mini Chocolate Cups is an inventive and detailed dessert from Gattina in the USA (Kitchen Unplugged). Not only did she make smooth custard flavoured with espresso and heavy cream but she created tiny white chocolate cups to serve it in. She painted a silicon ice cube tray with layers of chocolate and piped on a handle when it was ready. Be sure to keep everything in the fridge until you’re ready to serve, otherwise the chocolate cups will melt – fast! Photo courtesy of Gattina.

Mini Coffee Cakes w Walnuts are on at Ulrike’s house in Germany (Küchenlatein). After a warm summer, Ulrike received a bountiful walnut harvest from her neighbour’s tree. She turned these wonderful nuts into cute cupcakes, flavoured with strong espresso and vanilla. Perfect for an afternoon snack with a nice cup of coffee. Photo courtesy of Ulrike.

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