Monday 18 June 2007

the scottish elephant

Here's my super creamy contribution to Mixology Monday, a monthly cocktail event.

This month I’m hosting the round-up and my theme was crème de la crème.

There are so many cream based liqueurs out there that I hope to see some interesting contributions.

In my recipe I used two in particular: Jago’s vanilla vodka cream and Amarula.

Jago’s Vanilla Vodka Cream
This Scottish product – created by, Tom Jago, one of the brains behind Bailey’s Irish Cream – is made from cream and vodka that were both produced on the far northern Shetland Islands. The dairy cattle, known as Shetland breeds, were believed to originate in Scandinavia and were brought to Scotland by Vikings. The cream is blended with Blackwood’s Vodka and flavoured with vanilla, creating a very tasty cream alcohol indeed.

The Marula tree, Sclerocarrya birrea, is uncultivated by man and only grows in frost-free subequatorial Africa. The fruit’s white flesh is rich in vitamin C, and the natural oils of the nut inside attract many animals, especially elephants who gather in mass herds giving the tree the nickname “elephant tree”. A brand of the Distell Group, Amarula Cream was introduced to South African drinkers way back in 1989. Now this beautiful cream, which has a slight orange-chocolate flavour, is sold in 150 countries worldwide.

The Scottish Elephant
Anna & Amy’s recipe. Serves 2.
45ml Jago (1 part)
90ml Amarula (2 parts)
135ml milk (3 parts)
½ cup ice
1 banana
Blend and serve in short glasses.

Check back in a few days to see the round-up and hopefully we’ll see some yummy recipes using: Tequila Rose, Bailey's, Voyant Chai Cream, Dooley's Toffee Liqueur, Justs Desserts Creme Brulee, Castries Peanut Rum Cream, Mr Boston Creamy Egg Nog, El Dorado Rum Cream, Cointreau Cream, Mozart Chocolate Cream, Grand Marnier Cream, Galleria Espresso Cream, Lauria Alpensahne Alpine Cream Liqueur, Giori Limoncello Cream and Old Whisky River Bourbon Cream – just to name a few!

Thanks to the, from which I borrowed the Amarula & Jago images.



  1. You can find my entry over at The Art of Drink. Thanks for hosting.

    Darcy O'Neil
    The Art of Drink

  2. Sounds absolutely delicious. It's also nice to know that the company uses some of its profits to protect African elephants and their environment.

    Have to see if I can find this stuff in Germany!

  3. I had Castries for the first time last night and the bartender made me my new all time favorite drink called an Island Joy it was made with Castries, Coconut Rum, and Godiva Chocolate...It was so good I gooled Castries Peanut Rum Cream and this site is one of the ones that came up so I just had to add my two cents ...

    check out


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