Saturday, 16 June 2007

arabic flatbread pizza

Last night Jonas and I threw a housewarming to introduce our new apartment to our friends.

We had fun, but we suddenly realised that we’re older now. Those raucous, vodka-guzzling plastic-cup parties of our youth have been replaced with much more civilised discussions over Penfolds in real wine glasses. It was obviously a gradual process but we were still shocked to discover where we ended up.

With the morning after hangover firmly in place - red wine is much worse than vodka - I have junk food on the mind and so my WHB entry this week is khoubz pizza (herb: oregano).

Jonas created this little treasure one evening when were low on everything except flatbread and cheese. The recipe is the incredibly easy and the results are deliciously satisfying. Really!

The version in the photograph is a margherita (cheese and tomato) but you can obviously add anything you want. I love a variety of combinations using olives, artichokes, fetta, cooked sausage and salami.

Margherita Khoubz Pizza
Jonas’ very own recipe. Serves 1 for dinner, 2 for a snack.
1 round of khoubz (Arabic flat bread)
2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons tomato paste
Good sprinkling of dried oregano
As much chilli paste/powder/flakes as you desire
As much cheese as you can take
1. Crush garlic and mix with tomato paste. Add chilli and a pinch of dried oregano. Spread over the flatbread.
2. Top with cheese then toppings.
3. Sprinkle over as much dried oregano as desired then bake in the oven until the cheese has melted and the edges of the bread are crispy.

This week’s Weekend Herb Blogging host is Rachel from Rachel’s Bite (Florida, USA). The herbaceous round-up should be live in a few days or so but in the meantime you can read about her recent Alaskan food experiences.



  1. Great idea for a hangover cure! ... and those hangovers come more easily these days, don't they?
    I'm embarrassed to admit that I remember youthful parties where plastic garbage bins would be purchased from local hardware stores and truly evil punches mixed in them .... they became the centrepiece of the parties ... the concotion drunk in plastic cups! Very stylish...!

  2. great idea for a quick lunch for the kids as well (might turn the cheese down a notch so they're still able to do some homework after ;-)) does the base turn real crispy? that's how i like my pizza!

  3. I love this type of flatbread and think it would make a great base for pizza. Sounds delicious. Oregano is one herb where I really love the dried version too. (My Greek friends tell me that Greeks always use it dried. If they have fresh oregano, they dry it before they use it.)

    Don't worry Anna, you are far from "old." It's lucky we age gradually so we can get used to it.

  4. Pizza! Always what I crave when I 'accidentally' enjoy too much wine!
    Yeah, those days of vodka tonics by the bucketful and frozen Margaritas by the barrel are over... sure was fun, though.
    Kalyn, are you sure it's that gradual? I sometimes feel like it crept up and slapped me...hard!
    Then I just ignore it and am young again!
    Very pretty pizza - I'll have to try it with flatbread - maybe on the grill...

  5. stephanie - love the image of punch from a trash can!

    johanna - the edges of the base are very crispy but the centre can get a bit soggy. perhaps if you toast the bread first it would remain crispy all over?

    kalyn - unfortunately for me the metamorphisis has been much too fast!

    katiez - i could go a frozen margarita right now!

  6. Great idea, isn't it? A friend of mine introduced me to it two years ago. Khobez bread works great as a base for a variety of topping! In college, we used to have little get togethers and make these pizzas, with a variety of toppings from our fridge! Lovely!

  7. At what temperature and for how long should this be cooked?

  8. i cook it at 180'C for as long as it takes for the cheese to melt. maybe 10 minutes?


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