Thursday 4 October 2007

let's do lunch at essence

Essence Restaurant
11 Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney
+61 2 9290 3500

My first GFM activity was Let’s Do Lunch (A$35) at Essence Restaurant on King Street Wharf.

It was a 34’C day in Sydney and a lunch by the water was a welcome treat. High backed white suede chairs and large tables were comfortable and we relaxed, ready for our lunch.

I chose Essence for two reasons. The first was that their feature dish was a tasting plate offering up four individual morsels and the second was that Essence always seems to get consistent reviews.

Our American waiter was very friendly and efficient and I almost felt like reminding him that Aussies are good tippers.

The meal was wonderful. Really.

Baked Cauliflower Custard w Parmesan Crisp
This was just like a cheesy cauliflower sponge and was superb. It was addictive, creamy and exceeded my expectations that something based on cauliflower could taste that good. The salty parmesan wafer topped it off perfectly.

Pressed Braised Pork Cheek w Apple Chutney
This was divine. The pork was soft and wonderfully complimented by sweet-savoury caramelised apple. The sliver of crackling was a well conceived addition that provided textural contrast.

Pan Fried Dory Fillet w Confit Cherry Tomato & Aubergine CaviarThe fish was soft yet toothsome and the eggplant purée had a faint garlicky edge. Cherry tomatoes added a gorgeous, fresh juiciness.

Thai Style Duck Salad w Seared Scallop & Palm Sugar Dressing
The shredded duck was a little dry and a bit too sweet for my palate. I would have preferred more acidity and fresh herbs. Fortunately the scallop was cooked perfectly and had a wonderful meaty sweetness.

I suppose the whole point of the Let’s Do Lunch features is that you try a restaurant and if you enjoyed your experience you’d be likely to return for a full meal.

I will definitely try Essence again, especially since they have a series of tasting sets and one is completely vegetarian which will make Jonas very happy.


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  1. That selection looks great, it makes me want to go there now!


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