Monday 1 October 2007

stock take - october 2007

I love stock take posts. It’s interesting to see what people have in their cupboards, liqueur cabinets and fridges.

One of the first few posts I ever wrote was about the contents of my fridge back in May 2006. In June 06 I recorded all the bottles in my liqueur collection and in November 06 I posted my entire spice rack. Then in March 07 I wrote about a massive shopping trip where we bought a huge range of weird and wonderful ingredients.

I’m a sucker for lists so these posts feed right into my OCD tendencies, but I also love them because they remind me what ingredients I have on hand and inspire me to try different things with them.

Crocodile fillet;
Emu steak;
Freeze dried porcini;
Chipotle chillies;
Kaffir limes;
Maltese cheese pastizi;
Veggie burgers.

Griottes in Kirsch;
Mutant coconut threads see photo;
Tamarind purée;
Dried waxberries (bayberries);
Pearl barley;
Puy lentils;
Bolivian red quinoa see photo;
Dried squid;
Duck fat;
Vegetarian duck;
Squid ink;
Avocado oil see photo;
Coconut oil see photo;
Hazelnut oil see photo;
Olive oil;
Palm oil;
Peppermint oil;
White truffle oil;
Rose water;
Orange blossom water;
Moghrabieh (Lebanese couscous);
Soba noodles;
Squid ink pasta;
Basmati rice;
Carnaroli rice;
Jasmine rice;
Sticky rice;
Tunisian harissa;
Saudi Arabian orange blossom honey;
Hunter Valley shiraz jelly;
Black sesame seed cakes;
Coloured tapioca pearls;
Ibarra chocolate see photo;
Dried porcini;
Konbu (dried seaweed);
Nori (seaweed sheets);
Tomatillos (canned).

Spice Cabinet
Mastic beads see photo;
Vanilla beans;
Vanilla extract;
Barberries, dried;
Allspice (pimento), whole;
Cloves, whole & ground;
Fenugreek seeds see photo;
Aniseed seeds;
Poppy seeds;
Wattleseed, ground;
White sesame seeds, whole;
Kolonji (nigella seeds);
Red chillies, dried;
Chilli threads;
Cayenne, ground;
Sichuan pepper, whole;
Pepper, black & pink;
Tabiabun (long pepper);
Green cardamom, whole;
Rose petals, dried;
Hibiscus petals, dried;
Crystallised violets see photo;
Bay leaves;
Curry leaves;
Candlenuts, whole see photo;
Coriander, seeds & ground;
Cumin, seeds & ground;
Cassia, ground;
Cinnamon, quills & ground;
Paprika, sweet & smoky;
Panch phora (Indian five spice) see photo;
Saffron, whole;
Star anise;
Asafoetida, yellow (hing);
Caraway seeds;
Ginger, ground;
Sumac, ground;
Tumeric, ground;
Lemon myrtle, ground;
Oregano, dried;
Dill tips, dried;
Majoram, dried;
Mixed spice, ground;
Nutmeg, ground;
Danish smoked sea salt;
Hawaiian volcanic black sea salt.


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  1. Anna, how big is your kitchen food storage space? You've got enough exotic items to open your own shop! ;-) Would love to see what you do with the crocodile fillet. Now that's something I'll probably never come across here!


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