Monday, 12 May 2008

coco y crema

I have been coveting this recipe for quite a while, but I think it’s time to share. The world deserves the Coco y Crema.

It could quite possibly be the best cocktail I’ve ever made.

That’s a big call, I know, but it has to be pretty good if it can get Jonas drinking a whole glass of coconut milk and then ask for seconds. He usually hates the stuff.

But this is wonderful. Just wonderful.

It’s a creamy, summery, tropical drink that's so ridiculously moreish you’ll be cursing coconuts for having such high fat content.

This is my contribution to Mixology Monday’s rum theme.

I’ve used two types of rum: a rich, strong, dark rum (Mount Gay) and a light, coconut rum (Malibu - gasp). The condensed milk does give it a great additional flavour but if you wanted a vegan version sugar syrup would suffice.

The ice is really important though, because the low temperature of the drink ensures it’s not cloying. Use lots of ice.

The instructions are simple, the ingredients are all easily available, and all you need to do is hit a button on a blender and sit back with your drink.

Coco y Crema
Anna’s very own recipe. Makes 4 tumblers.
400ml coconut milk
200ml sweetened condensed milk
150ml coconut rum
150ml dark rum
2 cups ice
1. Put in blender.
2. Process until smooth.
3. Drink with relish.

Our MxMo host this week is TraderTiki. Check out his blog to see what other rum based goodies are on display.



  1. Well Im thrilled. I won a bottle of Malibu in a raffle and had no idea what I was going to do with it. Now I know.

  2. Nice entry! this is my kind of drink..

    I love Coconutmilk, i sometimes make a similar treat but mine doesn`t have the Malibu, just a dark rum and a dust of nutmeg on top.
    I think the sweetmilk really makes it yummy! and just forget about calories..



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