Monday 10 January 2011

cherry, oregano & feta salad

Seven Days of Cherries

In the week before Christmas I was very, very kindly given a 5kg box of cherries by Moraitis on behalf of The Cherry Growers of Australia Inc.

In exchange for this extremely generous gift, my task was to demonstrate that cherries, one of my all time favourite fruits, are versatile enough to be used in all kinds of ways in the kitchen. It wasn’t hard and I spent the next three days pitting, preserving, macerating and devouring these wonderful cerise orbs.

Here’s what I came up with:
Cherry, Feta & Oregano Salad
Cherry Almond Shake
Pickled Cherries
Cherry & Vanilla Jam
Cherry Vinegar
Cherries in Amaretto Syrup
Cherry & Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

I will be blogging these recipes every day over the next seven days and I hope you too enjoy the awesome cherry crops while they’re in season.

I stumbled upon this first recipe by accident and am so happy I did. The unique combination of salty-sweet flavours and bright colours are amazing, and I’m pleased this is the recipe that's launching my Seven Days of Cherries.

This salad is wonderful with refreshing bursts from the cherries, earthiness from the oregano, heat and depth from the onions, moreish saltiness from the feta and sweet-acidity from the verjuice.

Cherry, Feta & Oregano Salad

Anna’s very own recipe. Serves 2.

24 cherries, pitted & halved
3 baby spring onions, quartered lengthways
1 tablespoon cabernet verjuice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
100g crumbled sheep’s milk feta
Fresh oregano leaves, picked over
Freshly milled black pepper


1. Dress cherries and onion quarters with verjuice, olive oil and black pepper.

2. Mix through oregano leaves.

3. Plate then crumble over the feta before serving.


  1. Noice! Going to try this one. :)

  2. perfect timing, i've ended up with a box of cherries too and although i can eat a lot i think i need some more ideas. i'm looking forward to your other recipes.

  3. I would never have thought of this combination. I love oregano in a salad - in Lebanon this May we picked the wild leaves and had a salad made with a bit of onion. I'm going to bookmark this for cherry season here (June).

  4. Aren't the cherries just gorgeous this year! This looks terribly luscious and tempting Anna! :)

  5. lynn - yes, do it!

    veri maz - i've committed to one each day! fingers crossed i can photograph and post them all in time

    sally - i actually got inspired by a raw rhubarb salad from lebanon and wondered whether cherries would work well with feta, and they do.

    lorraine - they keep saying the rains destroyed the cherry crops but frankly they seem better than ever. it's a good salad, let me know if you try it.

  6. it's cherry mania! love this idea. so pretty and festive too.

  7. The combination of feta and cherries is lovely!


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