Friday 14 January 2011

cherry vinegar

Day 5 of Seven Days of Cherries

You could hardly say I “cooked” this next recipe but the results are quite superb.

Overuse of balsamic vinegar in my home has led me to dislike this sweet, syrup Italian gem. While Jonas laps it up like mother’s milk, I rarely touch the stuff these days.

But this new version might entice me again.

By steeping smashed up cherries in supermarket balsamic, you end up with a brightened version that’s thick with cherry colour and flavours.

Use in place of regular balsamic for salads, bread or over fresh berries.

Cherry Vinegar

Taken from this recipe. Makes 600ml or so.

2 cups (approximately) smashed ripe cherries, with pits
500ml inexpensive balsamic vinegar

1. Smash up the cherries (with pits) and pour them and their juices into a sealable glass jar.
2. Cover with vinegar, seal and steep for two weeks, agitating every second day or so.
3. Strain and pour into a bottle for long term storage.


  1. Hello, Thank you for the great ideas :) love them

  2. Fake cherry vinegar. Why don't you try to make cherry wine first and then make the vinegar as a next step?

    1. a small apartment is not conducive to brewing alcohol i'm afraid.


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