Tuesday 10 January 2012

amaretto piña colada

On the morning of a big birthday year, I met my friends and sisters on the rooftop pool of a Barcelona hotel and drank these for breakfast.

It’s a typical piña colada, only incredibly enhanced by the sweet almond flavour of amaretto. Combined with the pineapple juice and coconut milk, the almond is divine.

I could drink a gallon of this stuff. Oh, hang on, I did!

Amaretto Piña Colada

Anna’s recipe. Makes 2.

90ml amaretto
65ml white rum
40ml coconut cream
125ml pineapple juice
1 cup ice
1 cup pineapple chunks


1. Blend all ingredients together.

2. Decorate with ridiculous paper umbrella, plastic mermaid or oversized pineapple wedge.

3. Drink, pretending your poolside somewhere in the Caribbean (or a Barcelona roof top).

Pineapples supplied by the team at King of Fruit


  1. Pina coladas! Now you're talking :)
    This drink holds many a good memory....it was the first cocktail I ever had.

  2. Nice one. I love using fresh pineapple for my pina colada! Cheers.

    1. me too. so much better than canned pieces or bottle pineapple juice.

  3. Nice pineapples ideas. In the 80´s pineapple was a classic in Spain. Now I am living in Brighton, England and in a Gourmet Shop they sale very juicy and tasty pineapples from Costa Rica, really yumi,

    1. i have never tasted costa rican pineapples. the ones from northern queensland in australia are amazing too!


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