Monday 7 August 2006

recipe carousel #8 - bread

My first two Recipe Carousels didn’t have weekly themes so I was worried that some of the excellent recipes I promoted then would get lost. I’ve decided that if some of those first fourteen recipes fit into any of the future themes I will include them again. One of them is tucked away in this group.

This week’s Recipe Carousel is a bread extravaganza.

I have to admit that I’m not a huge bread fan. It’s not that I’m against carbohydrates in any way (I adore pasta and potatoes) it’s just that more often than not bread is boring. It takes up the space of all the good stuff. When eating a sandwich I’d be much happier getting twice as much filling and forgoing the bread. At dinner, I’d rather eat double the soup or two serves of pasta.

So why am I blogging about bread recipes? Because these are the recipes I’ve found in the blogging realm that actually inspire me to give bread a go. No mean feat.

Enjoy this week’s seven blogger recipes!

Aloo Palak Parathas look absolutely delicious and are the product of patient preparations from Saffron in the USA (Saffron Hut). Saffron sneaks vegetables into this seemingly innocent Indian bread snack (aloo = potatoes, palak = spinach) to provide “health by stealth”. Cottage cheese is used to bind a spinach dough that’s filled with seasoned potatoes. Saffron provides step by step instructions and photos so this is a recipe not to miss! Photo courtesy of Saffron.

Blueberry Banana Bread is the contribution from Cheryl in Canada (Free Range Living). She spent all day harvesting pods to end up with a couple of cups of peas and then made a few loaves of this moist banana and blueberry treat. Photo courtesy of Cheryl.

Navajo Fry Bread. This recipe comes from Barbara in the USA (Tiger & Strawberries) who learnt to make this Native American comfort food for her daughter. Barbara is of Cherokee descent and tells the story of how this bread became part of the American Indian diet and then part of their ethnic identity. Barbara flavours hers with whole wheat flour and honey to create the perfect bread: fluffy and light on the inside, chewy and crisp on the outside. Photo courtesy of Barbara.

Pistachio Lemon Bread is an interesting recipe I found on the blog of *kel in Spain (Green Olive Tree). This recipe isn’t too sweet so the final product is somewhere between a cake and a bread and *kel tells us it’s a party favourite both in Barcelona and Michigan. Photo courtesy of *kel.

Bread Rolls w Sundried Tomatoes & Walnuts are a great savoury option from Isil in Turkey(Veggie Way). Isil and her partner are vegans who recently discovered that Isil is pregnant – congrats! In this recipe Isil creates her own savoury bread rolls flavoured with pungent sundried tomatoes and walnuts. Photo courtesy of Isil.

Chocolate Cherry Bread comes from Pavani in the USA (Cook's Hideout). She bought organic cherries, chocolate chips and cocoa powder to create this sweet, fruity goodness. Photo courtesy of Pavani.

Dill Bread. This recipe from Christa in the USA (Calendula & Concrete) was part of my first ever Recipe Carousel. This soft, moist looking bread is flavoured with onions, dill and cream cheese and seems to be based on a Swedish recipe, since dill is a favourite herb in Sweden. Photo courtesy of Christa.

Anna's Bread
The only bread-like recipe that I’ve blogged so far is the Torta del Garbanzo which was a cake-bread hybrid made out of chickpeas/garbanzo. It was a delicious sweet loaf that was totally gluten free.

Add your own recipe!
If you want to link in your own bread recipe and share the love around, just leave the link in the comments section. You didn’t have to invent the recipe yourself, just make it and post it on your site. The whole idea of Recipe Carousel is that good recipes are shared with people who love to cook.
Note: Usual comments are more than welcome but all html links must be bread recipe related.

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