Saturday, 26 August 2006

five things in my lunchbox

The lovely Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once - who incidentally has wonderful recipes and brilliant photos - tagged me with a meme started by Melissa from The Traveler's Lunchbox. This meme has gotten huge and Melissa's blog has an exhaustive list of entries!

Basically, you need to list five things you've eaten before and would recommend others to try at least once before they die. A long thought, but certainly an interesting one.

I found it very challenging because I took it quite seriously. This is an important recommendation. What if people spend their last days eating from your list when there could have been other, more deserving delicacies to try? A terrible responsibility to assume.

If I only have five to choose from, which five should it be?

Once I realised this was supposed to be fun and I could always add more suggestions in my comments section later (phew!), I decided to go with the following:

Brachetto d’Acqui
Regular readers may be sick to death of hearing about my love for brachetto d’acqui (May & July), but I’m determined to turn as many people as possible to this wonderful Italian dessert wine from Asti in Piemonte. It’s red, sparkling and served chilled. It tastes of strawberries and roses. What more could you want?

Alici/Boquerones (depends whether you're Italian or Spanish)
Tiny white anchovy fillets that have been marinated in vinegar and served with chopped fresh parsley and slivers of garlic. These are so full of flavour.

Donna Hay’s Triple Chocolate Brownies
We’ve all got a great recipe for brownies, but this one has blown any brownie I have ever tasted completely out of the water. There’s no nuts or other distractions from the pure, delicious dark chocolate cake stuffed full of milk and white chocolate chips. Pure heaven and very easy to make.

Coriander Potatoes
This Lebanese side dish is one of the most exquisite things I have ever tasted. Cubes of potato are drenched in lemon juice, both fresh and ground coriander and chilli then are baked until they are crispy, sour and spectacular. In Sydney, Al Mustafa (Glebe) and The Prophet (Surry Hills) serve up a good attempt, although I still rate Jonas’ recipe the best after he perfected a version taught to him by Haas.

Parmigiano Reggiano
This addiction commenced in Rome and my supplier was Paola. Chipped from the wheel and popped directly into my mouth - this is the world's best cheese.

Check out Haalo's top five or add your own top five in the comments section.

Now I get to tag five other bloggers for this same meme:
Field to Feast - Carolyn in Zimbabwe
La Otra Dimensi├│n - Susanna in Argentina
Saffron Trail - Nandita in India
The Passionate Cook - Johanna in the UK
Kalyn's Kitchen - Kalyn in the USA

I hope they want to take part!


  1. Parmigiano is the king of cheese! It's a wonderfully delicious list!

  2. It's fascinating to see everyone else's lists, and yours certainly has some wonderful choices. I'm particularly intrigued by the coriander potatoes which I've never heard of before. They sound delicious.

    I'm glad to see a chocolate item mentioned. And now that I see it I wonder how I could possibly have left chocolate off my list.

  3. i just thought of another one after checking out susanna's top five: tetsuya wakuda's ice cream of sticky rice and white truffle (and i do mean the fungus ascoma not a ball of chocolate ganache).

  4. I've done it and posted, and now I've come here to see your list. It's fantastic. I wish I could taste them all.

  5. I feel rather jelous since nobody has tagged me!

    The inclusion of a wine in your list is inspired, most people seem to have forgotten to have a drink with their final meal.

    I'm impressed that you planned not only a main course, but a side dish and a desert as well (with your wine).

    Good thinking!


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