Monday 28 August 2006

recipe carousel #11 - made from scratch

There’s a lot of talented food bloggers out there who know how to make some amazing things. Some of them have even mastered their own candy, cheese making and home brewing.

This week’s Recipe Carousel is called "made from scratch". These seven recipes are all about taking raw ingredients and turning them into products that most of us buy in the supermarkets.

Some of the recipes take patience and perseverance, but are nonetheless exciting and amazing and ultimately worth the extra effort.

Squid Ink Tagliatelle. We’ve all seen how to make pasta, and some of us have made it ourselves (pasta machine or not), but how many of us can say we’ve made the famous black squid ink pasta? Rowena in Italy (Rubber Slippers in Italy) shows us how with a pasta machine passed onto her by her mother-in-law. Photo courtesy of Rowena.

Soft Goats' Cheese. Fanny in France (Food Beam) is studying agronomic sciences and for her compulsory farm placement she spent two weeks at an idyllic goat farm. Here she milked the goats, made cheese and cuddled a lot of little kids (goat kids, not human kids). She also blogged a step by step account, including photos, of how to make soft goats’ cheese (my favourite). Photo courtesy of Fanny.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. The first time I saw this recipe from J in Singapore (Kuidaore ) I was astounded. Marshmallows were just one of those things that came in packets and it didn’t seem possible to make them at home. This recipe, and the fact that someone outside a factory made it, completely inspired me. This is one of the recipes from my first Recipe Carousels that I think deserves to be listed again in a relevant theme. Photo courtesy of J.

Lemongrass & Saffron Soda. I was so amazed by this innovative recipe from Danielle in the USA (Habeas Brûlée). She actually makes soda using water, sugar, cream of tartar and champagne yeast, flavouring it with saffron and lemongrass. Her big tip is to leave the soda fermenting long enough until the bottles scare you because you think they'll explode. Her second tip is that explosion is a real possibility! This recipe also comes with a bonus for ginger ice cream to make a soda float. Photo courtesy of Danielle.

Paneer. India’s famous cheese is a vegetarian’s dream because it’s completely rennet free (rennet being an enzyme found in mammal stomachs which causes milk to curdle and form solids i.e. cheese). Indira in India (mahanandi) shows us how to make paneer and it couldn’t be easier. You can have your own paneer in a day, ready to fry up, cook in the tandoor or add to curries. Photo courtesy of Indira.

Soy Milk. This is another product I imagine comes only from tetra paks in the supermarket. Ulrike in Germany (Küchenlatein) proves that home made soy milk is a detailed but worthwhile process that tastes much better than the store bought stuff. She soaks the beans, then boils them and presses them. She even links to recipes you can make with the okara (leftover pulp). Photo courtesy of Ulrike.

Limoncello is a deliciously sweet liqueur from Ilva in Italy (Lucullian Delights). Limoncello is one of Italy's most famous exports and the drink is synonymous with summer and the Amalfi coast. I have had the pleasure of tasting a homebrew Limoncello when I was in Italy in April (thanks Paola!) and if Ilva's recipe is anything similar you can be sure of a delicious digestivo. Photo courtesy of Ilva.

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  1. Thanks Anna, you are so nice to include me in your recipe carousel! cin cin!

  2. Thanks, than I have to make tofu next?

  3. Wow. Squid Ink pasta! I have a store-bought packet but the fresh ones really sounds a lot better!

    Lovely roundup, Anna.

  4. hi anna, gorgeous round-up...and thank you very much for mentioning the marshmallows!


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