Monday 31 December 2007

2007 food challenges

Back on the eve of 2006 I set myself some food challenges to complete in 2007. I didn’t blog about them because I was a bit frightened that with the wedding and honeymoon etc I wouldn’t even get close to completing them.

Call me chicken.

But, after recently reading over the ones I’d set for 07, I realised I’d accomplished all but a few.

Here was my 2007 list:

Cook Recipes I’ve Coveted Forever
1. pickled nectarines
2. meggyleves
3. coeur a la crème (finally accomplished in 2011)

Taste Tests
1. soursop
2. guinea fowl
3. goose

Cook w New Ingredients
1. plantains
2. palm oil
3. pomegranate

Recreate Food Memories
1. Grandma’s pumpkin pie
2. Mum’s hummingbird cake (I made it in Jan 07 but haven’t blogged it yet)
3. Ludo’s chocolate cake

Find Recipes & Make
1. kimchi jjigae
2. mussels w blue cheese & leeks
3. ras el hanout

Learn More About Food from
1. Middle East: cooked recipes from Iran (dessert and main), Oman (breakfast and main), Syria (breakfast) & Lebanon (salad)
2. North Africa: cooked recipes from Libya (main), Morocco (side), Algeria (casserole) and Tunisia (main, made in 07 but blogged in 08).
3. Germany: travelled to Frankfurt in May and December and ate loads of local dishes. I also made a dessert and a soup.

Well, I'm pretty pleased with my 2007 effort.

I’ll announce my 2008 food challenges in a separate post tomorrow, the 1st of January.

Sticking to the 2007 theme, Zorra from Kochtopf and Sandra from Un Tocco di Zenzero are pulling together the best recipes from 07 into Best of 2007: Foodblogger's Recipe Collection.

All bloggers have been invited to submit their favourite creations and the results will go live sometime today.

I submitted two recipes and asked Sandra and Zorra to choose which one they preferred to include:

Muhallabiah Mousse w Pomegranate & Orange Blossom Syrup

Moreton Bay Bugs w Donut Peach Salsa

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  1. Good job, and I would say you've done well on your food goals! Fun reading everyone's memories of the past year.


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