Sunday 10 October 2010

crave sydney intl food festival - week 1

Brekkie on the Bridge

Over the years food bloggers have spent a great deal of money taking part in food festival activities, and a great deal of time writing about them.

This is the first collective round-up of all the blogger posts of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival - Week One.

Festival Launch
The launch of festival kicked off on Friday October 1st with an amazing presentation by Rene Redzepi at the Sydney Opera House, attended by Tina (Food, Booze and Shoes) and myself, Anna (Morsels & Musings).

Barbecue Madness
Grab Your Fork
Cabramatta was the scene for the Cabramatta Allsorts Barbecue where 702 Weekend radio was broadcasting. Food bloggers Helen (Grab Your Fork), Trina (The Gourmet Forager), Thang (Noodlies), Simon (Simon Food Favourites) and Alvin (Cinnamon Pig) all took part.

Breakfast on the Bridge
Ladybird (Diary of a Ladybird) was lucky enough to attend this Sydney favourite, an event where turf is laid out across the bridge for an early morning picnic. I event spotted one of my old workmates doing tai chi in a photo!

Food Tour
Ooh Look checked out some fellow food bloggers giving their I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta tour.


Jenny (Panda & Cakes) visited Saturday's early morning Pyrmont Grower's Market.
Gourmantic (Gourmantic) spent some time at The Rocks Australian Cheese Showcase.

Shoot the Chef
Billy (A Table for Two) entered the annual photography competition with a great salute to John and Yoko.

High Tea
Monica (Love My Foods & Sugar) experienced the elegant Marie Antoinette High Tea at The Westin, Sydney.

Let's Do Brunch
Cafe Ish was picked by Monica (Love My Foods & Sugar)
And Hyde Park Barrcks Cafe was the choice of Betty (The Hungary Girl) and Aimee (Aimee Chanthadavong).

Let's Do Lunch
The Way It Crumbles
The $35 lunch specials around Sydney's restaurants are also a popular choice
Aria by Ooh Look
Bentley Restaurant & Bar by Chris & Tim (The Way It Crumbles)
Etch by me (Anna, Morsels & Musings)
Guillaume at Bennelong by Simon (Simon Food Favourites)
Sushi e by LateralEating (Lateral Eating)

Special Lunch
Monica (Love My Foods & Sugar) ate some pretty tasty seafood treats at Dan Hong's Degustation Lunch at Lotus.
Grab Your Fork

Precinct Promotion
Henry (H-posterous) spent time in my neighbour and enjoyed A Taste of Newtown at Rubyos.

Special Dinner
Helen (Grab Your Fork)'s post about this dinner convinced me to try out Etch. She attended the Australia & New Zealand Seafood Safari: Fishing for a Difference.

Drink & Dine
Mademoiselle Délicieuse (Spoon, Fork & Chopsticks) took part in this great degustation dinner called Spain meets Japan with Izakaya Dining at Japaz.

Sugar Hit
Love My Foods & Sugar
These $20 dessert and dessert wine options are always a big hit with food bloggers and 2010 proves to be no different with 12 already blogged in the first week!
Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria by Sugarpuffi (Sugar's Sweet Blog)
Glass Brasserie by Mademoiselle Délicieuse (Spoon, Fork & Chopsticks)
Bel Mondo by Monica (Love My Foods & Sugar)
Grace Hotel by JNYW (The Food Zoo)
Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe by Monica (Love My Foods & Sugar)
The Cortile, InterContinental by JNYW (The Food Zoo)
Monkey Magic by Monica (Love My Foods & Sugar)
The Westin, Sydney by Mademoiselle Délicieuse (Spoon, Fork & Chopsticks)

That's it for Week One, and frankly I think Sydney's food blogging crew did a pretty good job of it!
If I missed your post or you want to join next week's round-up, read this post to find out how.
Next round-up will be posted Sunday 17th October.
Until then, indulge and enjoy!


  1. A great summary Anna! How did you manage to put it all together?!

  2. Well compiled Anna :)
    I think the summary was Monica ate waaay too much in the first week of the SIFF LOL

  3. Great compilation! And thank you for including Gourmantic :)

    Look forward to the next foodie round up!

  4. Fantastic write up for the first week of SIFF. Now I don't know which sugar hit to go for..

  5. Woah, thanks for including my links! Looks like you've been busy trawling all the SIFF activities but have you managed to get around to any yourself?

  6. wow nice compilation of food blogger activity! good work :) weve sure been extra busy filling our bellies this week!

  7. BBQ Madness @ Crave Sydney International Food Festival video here

  8. Hey Anna!! So good to hear from you - I'm absolutely loving your blog! keep it up and enjoy the rest of October :)

  9. trissa - i scrolled thru the blogosphere and twitter! hopefully nxt wk ppl will email me instead :)

    monica - yes, you were very ... active ... but at least the rest of us know what's good now

    corinne - you're more than welcome. pls email thru any you do this wk

    phuoc'n - best blog name ever!

    mademoiselle - oui, etch + the launch ... and the showcase on saturday

    sugarpuffi - we certainly have and it's only wk1!

    thinking media TV - thanks for the link

    zoe - thanx, good to be in touch again

  10. Thanks for including my link Anna :) Nice roundup!

  11. an awesome summary! thanks for including me and hopefully you enjoy the rest of the siff!

  12. hi Anna, Thanks for including my posts in your very comprehensive Crave SIFF roundup. Looks like you've been busy attending events, too. Hope you're having a delicious time!

  13. Anna, thanks for your note on posterous, and for including my blog post about our visit to Rubyos in Newtown. :-) I wish I could've stayed longer in Sydney to try out some more neat restaurants during the SIFF. Thanks again and take care!

  14. Good post Anna! Thanks for using my post =)

  15. Hi! New follower from far far away..
    Hope you stop by too!


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