Sunday 17 October 2010

crave sydney intl food festival - week 2

Penguin Says Feed Me
Other week has gone by and we’re halfway through the month long Crave Sydney International Food Festival.

Sydney food bloggers have been busy-busy-bees and here is the honey.

First up I want to share these great maps tracking festival events across Sydney, pulled together by one clever fox, Pamela (And Other Fancy Stuff).

Cocktail of the Month
Bacco Wine Bar Tina (Food, Boozes and Shoes)
La Scala on Jersey Gourmantic (Gourmantic)

Citrus and Candy

Sydney Food Bloggers "Mad Hatter Spring Picnic"
Organised by Billy (A Table For Two) and Karen (Citrus and Candy), there were a lot of delicious treats enjoyed by food bloggers like Ladybird (Diary of a Ladybird), Phuoc (Phuoc'n Delicious) and Julie (I Dream In Chocolate).


Diary of a Ladybird
 Hands On (classes)
One of the things I didn't get around to booking into was the excellent cooking classes held during this month.
bel mondo Master Class with Andy Ball Sheena (A Sticky Affair)
Tea & Dessert Matching @ Sweetness Pastisserie Jenny (Panda & Cakes)

Let's Do Brunch
Two more early rising bloggers headed out for festival breakfasts. Betty (The Hungry Girl) visited the Bitton Gourmet Cafe and while I headed off for an amazing meal at Efendy.

Let's Do Lunch
My sister and I spent a lovely afternoon at Aria whereas BiteMe (Bite Size Review) managed to clock in at Becasse and QVB Tea Rooms.

Spicy Ice Cream


It was the first week of the annual Night Noodle Markets where two hungry bloggers found some treats: Penguin (Penguin Says Feed Me) and Gourmantic (Gourmantic).
Lisa (Spicy Ice Cream) made delicious preserves and granola with Denea (Gourmet Rabbit) for sale at the Reservoir Bazaar.

Gourmantic (Gourmantic) was extra busy with a second market visit, this time to the Summer Hill Food Bazaar.

Eat, Show and Tell
Special Dinners
Video blogger, Yianni (Yianni's City Life), captured Turkey’s Musa Dagdeviren and chef Somer Sivrioglu whip up a Turkish feast Efendy.
Minh (Eat Show and Tell) was luck to experience the delicious artistry of Janice Wong @ Sepia.
Franz (Australian Gourmet Pages) managed to photograph every course at this once in a lifetime event from NY's wizz kid Wylie Dufresne and Aussie Brent Savage WD-50 & Bentley Dinner.

Eat, Show and Tell
Sugar Hit
Two bloggers enjoyed their dessert treat this week and both went to the InterContinental Hotel: Squishes (Eat Show and Tell) and Simon (Simon Food Favourites)

World Chef Showcase
Some of the brightest and rising stars of the food world joined Australian experts to cook and discuss food over the last weekend. SBS Food recruited some bloggers for comprehensive coverage or you could search by interest:
Saturday Morning
Asian Andrew (702 Weekends SIFF blogger)
Asian Rebecca (Inside Cuisine)
Contemporary Creative Anna (Morsels & Musings)
Saturday Afternoon
Contemporary Creative Jules (The Stone Soup)
Middle East/Mediterranean Anna (Morsels & Musings)
Sunday Morning
Middle East/Mediterranean Amanda (The Cake & The Knife)
Sunday Afternoon
Contemporary Creative Helen (Grab Your Fork)
Middle East/Mediterranean Denea (Gourmet Rabbit)

If I missed your post or you want to join next week's round-up, read this post to find out how.

Next round-up will be posted Sunday 24th October.Until then, indulge and enjoy!



  1. Thanks for including our posts in your round up Anna! Really great to see a few posts that I'd missed throughout the week :)

  2. Sadly I have to miss out on so much of SIFF this year due to lack of time but this is def the next best thing, reading up about it. Thanks for another awesome round up Anna (and thanks for the mention of the blogger picnic!).

    Can't wait till next week :)

  3. Great round-up, again! Busy bees indeed, and only halfway through!

  4. thanks for including me in this week's round up! i'm heading to my first sugar hit tomorrow night and after perusing the sites you've linked to, I think I've found myself a good one to go to!

  5. Love these posts! Such a great summary :)

  6. Musa Dagdeviren cooks up a storm @ Efendy Balmain

  7. Hi there. Thanks for the message. All my Let's Do Lunches are now blogged. Hope you enjoy the SIFF.



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