Tuesday 29 May 2012

dibis w'rashi (iraqi date & tahini spread)

Breakfast time. Lunch time. Snack time.

This spread is highly addictive. Sweet and sticky from date molasses, nutty and moreish from the sesame paste.

It takes seconds to mix together and even less time to devour.

The first time I tried something like this was at Efendy, when they mixed grape molasses with tahini for one of the most wonderful sweet and nutty breakfast spreads I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste.

A friend since explained that pekmez, as it’s known in Turkey, is most commonly made with molasses from grape, carob or mulberry.

This version uses date syrup, more popular in Iraq where the date/tahini combinations is known as dibis w’rashi.

After you’ve tried this version, you might want to give the grape, carob or mulberry versions a go too. And it’s not hard to use up the excess molasses either:
- Mix through porridge or natural yoghurt
- Use as a sweetener in black tea or coffee
- Drizzle over ice cream
- Blend with ice cream into a shake
- Stir through rice pilaf with nuts and sultanas
- Substitute for sugar (weight for weight) in a cookie recipe

Dibis w'Rashi (Iraqi date syrup & tahini spread)

Anna’s very own recipe. Serves 4.

5 tablespoons (100ml) date syrup
1 tablespoon (20ml) tahini
Squeeze of lemon juice (no more than a teaspoon)

Mix together until well blended.


  1. This looks amazing! Would never of thought of combining the two ingredients to make a spread.

  2. Oh my word I need to try this! Tomorrow I'll make date syrup, and then I'm on to this spread!


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