Tuesday 13 June 2006

bittersweet birthday

Today is my 26th birthday. It’s also exactly five years ago that my mother passed away.

Yes, I happened to be unlucky enough to lose my mother on my 21st birthday.

When she was dying I told her that if she would never meet my children and if she couldn’t be at my wedding then she had to be there at my 21st birthday. She promised she would make it. And she did.

It’s somehow poetic that she died on the very day she brought me into this world. Exactly 21 years together, to the day. Other times it’s sad because every year my birthday celebrations are bittersweet.

Five years ago and still not a day goes by that I haven’t thought of her. I guess this kind of pain never really subsides.


  1. Happy birthday. And I'm really sorry about your Mom. That must be so hard.

  2. My heart aches for you. My mom died in 1998. I was much older than 21, but it was still incredibly hard not to have her. And you're right, it may get a little better but it never really goes away.

  3. It is so very true that the painful grief never goes away. I am truly sorry for your loss. Still, I hope you found some small amount of personal joy on your birthday...I lost my Dad last year and I still can't describe the pain, but I recognize it in others, I am very, very sorry for your pain. Thoughts and prayers.

  4. thanks guys! i appreciate your thoughts. so far this day is shaping up to be much better than i could have hoped. i'll keep you "posted". sorry, couldn't resist the daggy pun.

  5. Happy birthday, although it's hard. My mom is still alive and I am happy about every day I have her.

    But you have your memories and memories are a window you can always open to see your mom.

  6. Happy birthday to you.I hope your day was as good as it could be.Plus lots more.Thanks for leaving those kind comments on my blog.Happy,happy,happy bday...

  7. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a really good day even though your mums not here to celebrate it with you. Shes with you in spirit every day. I had a very sad day. My beloved "Thor", my cheeky little parrot got killed by next doors dog. I loved him. I felt like there was something mysteriously peculiar about today right from the start. Your blog has cheered me up somewhat. Cheers

  8. Tantissimi auguri d buon compleanno!!! Happy birthday!
    I am really sorry for your mom.


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