Monday 26 June 2006

recipe carousel #2

This is my second edition of Recipe Carousel where I promote seven yummy recipes featured on other blogs. The first episode can be viewed here.

In no particular order, this week we have:

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. J from Kuidoare in Singapore made marshmallows and included several interesting recipes on how to use them. As usual the photos on this blog are wonderful.

Fennel & Roast Radish Salad w Orange Thyme Vinaigrette. This one came from SurfinDaave at The Serenditipus Chef in the USA and it seems like a good crunchy, tangy salad.

Kaeng Massaman. Austin from Real Thai in Thailand shares a wonderful recipe for this Muslim style (southern Thai) pineapple and beef curry.

Green Tea Shortbreads. JulieBean from the Suburban Apron in the USA celebrated her birthday with these gorgeous cookies shaped like leaves flavoured with matcha.

Rose Petal & Champagne Jelly. Ulrike in Germany from Küchenlatein (and her neighbour) grew the roses and then she turned them into an exquisite conserve.

Trio of Tuna Tartare. ChubbyHubby from Singapore not only produces excellent photography of this dish but includes the recipe as well. Gourmet feasts at home indeed! According to ChubbyHubby, the best way to cook tuna is not at all. I think I can agree with that. Good tuna is best raw.

Pumpkin Pots au Crème. ChefDoc of A Perfect Pear in the USA provides us with an excellent twist on the old Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with these amazing little dessert pots. Very inventive.


  1. Thank you for mentioning "my" jelly

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for stopping by the Suburban Apron Company and for including the Green Tea Shortbread Leaves in your round-up!

    You're more than welcome to stop by my 'suburban kitchen' anytime.


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