Monday 26 June 2006

shaken, not stirred

I have discovered a fun new blogging event called Mixology Monday and this week the recap is hosted by Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour with the theme of Apéritif.

Since it’s now 6:45pm on Monday, I have to move quickly to contribute to this one, but for those who know me well, you know I have a well stocked liqueur cabinet to help me out of any drink-related pickle.

My contribution to the Apéritif Mixology Monday is a simple recipe that was passed to me from my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Helena.

The drink, a Fläderblom Martini (or elderflower martini), uses a flavour typical to Swedish summer and staves off Jonas’ homesickness just a bit. The flower’s flavour is light and elegant and paired with lime it makes this martini a perfect pre-dinner drink.

Like James Bond, I like my martini shaken not stirred.

I would usually decorate it with lime slices or thin stripes of lime zest but since I made this at such short notice I hope you can forgive the lack of decoration.

Serve in a martini glass, or even in a tumbler with shaped ice cubes.

Fläderblom Martini
Recipe from Helena. Makes 1.
4 parts Cinzano Bianco
2 parts elderberry flower cordial (fläderblom saft)
1 part lime cordial
Juice of 1 lime
Lime slices or zest for garnish (or ice cubes if you like)
Combine ingredients with ice, shake and serve.


  1. Hi! (or perhaps I should say Hej) I found your blog through AustralianBlogs & when I saw the word Swedish I had to leave a comment ;-) Fläderblom martini sounds delicious!
    Now I`ll keep on reading your nice blog!

  2. mmmmm cocktails... i do enjoy a good vodka martini and cosmo with the girls occasionally or any cocktail for that matter. I don't think i ever had this one. Nice S-I-L you have there!

  3. oh, and shaken for me too...

  4. Oh, haven't made this one in a while...and I did recently stock up on the Martini Bianco so I'm all set.

    And a tip - to make it a bit weaker and bubbly just add some Sprite or 7Up.


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