Wednesday 14 June 2006

socceroos - first bday surprise

On Monday night, against all odds, Australia beat Japan in our first World Cup game in over 30 years.

It was a miracle for many reasons, two of which are the horrible facts that Australia has never, ever won a World Cup game nor had we ever even scored one goal at the World Cup!

We were down 1-0 the entire game until the last 8 minutes, when Tim Cahill (a substitute) kicked a beauty. Then he did it again! Then John Aloisi (another substitute) kicked the final nail in the coffin for Japan.

That's 3-1 to Australia. Yipppeeeeeeee! What a nail-biting victory and since the clock had ticked over to midnight it was technically the 13th and therefore my birthday.

The area where I live is traditionally full of Italian migrants who brought football (soccer) to Australia. They are passionate about the game and so the main street was closed to traffic in anticipation for either victory celebrations or angry riots. Throughout the night illegal fireworks buzzed, drums were beaten and people danced in the street. Ahhh, good times.
This photo is taken from the Sydney Morning Herald website.

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