Monday 19 June 2006

recipe carousel #1

Today I want to promote some of the wonderful and innovative recipes I have discovered out there in the big, wide blogging world.

In my cyber meanderings I often come across recipes that intrigue me or have me smacking my head wondering why I never thought of that myself. Sometimes it's the photos that reel me in – some of these bloggers are very, very artistic.

Here are seven of my latest finds for the next seven days of the week. They are in no particular order.

I'd be interested to know what other people think of these recipes and whether they'd cook them at home.

1) Aubergine Rolls Stevi in Greece (Bread and Butter) bakes eggplant slices around herbs, cheese and pine nuts.

2) Cold Potato Soup w Parsley & Capers Ilva in Italy (Lucullian Delights) makes an excellent, herby summer soup.

3) Dill Bread Christa in the USA (Calendula & Concrete) flavours homemade bread with dill, cream cheese and onion.

4) Apple & Red Onion Tzatziki Anne in Sweden (Anne's Food) makes an inventive twist to the classical Greek dip.

5) Sticky Toffee Coconut Cakes w Coco Jam Filling Santos in Guam (The Scent of Green Bananas) uses dulce de leche made from coconut milk to turn some wonderful little cakes into pure delights!

6) Chocolate Pecan Spread Ivonne in Canada (Cream Puffs in Venice) flips nutella on its head with a pecan substitution.

7) Bruschetta Dolce Haalo in Australia (Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once) takes this Italian appetiser concept and turns it into a breakfast treat of strawberries, hazelnuts and ricotta.


  1. Thanks for the aubergine recipe - I am definitely going to try it. Up until now I had just been frying the eggplant and serving it in slices, plain - but this recipe is a real evolutionary step for me. Thanks!

  2. thanks for linking my recipe. i am going to check other people's as well.
    Stevi (Bread & Butter)


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