Sunday 11 June 2006

liquor cabinet contents - 11 jun

Here’s another pointless list. This time it’s a rundown of all the alcohol Jonas and I have in our liquor cabinet (which I should add is actually two spaces, one above our microwave and another in our linen closet!).

It seems we have 43 bottles at present:
gordon's gin; amsterdammertje jonge graengenever (genever/juniper); bacardi superior (white rum); malibu (coconut rum); mount gay dark rum; smirnoff vodka (triple distilled); 42 below manuka honey vodka; absolut citron (lemon vodka); absolut kurant (currant vodka); absolut mandrin (mandarin vodka); absolut vanilia (vanilla vodka); johnnie walker red label (scotch); tres generaciones reposado (tequila); bacchus butterscotch schnapps; baron von scheuters peach schnapps; continental cinnamon schnapps; de kuyper strawberry schnapps; berentzen sour apple schnapps; berentzen kirsch (cherry); alizé gold (passionfruit); bailey's (irish cream); baitz blue curacao (orange); baitz crème de menthe (mint); ‘the big strawberry’ wine; ‘bodega pedro romero’ pedro ximenez sherry (15yrs); campari (bitter orange); choya umeshu (japanese plum wine); cinzano bianco (vermouth); cointreau (orange); disaronno amaretto (almond); toschi amaretto (almond); f. meyer crème de mure (blackberry); frangelico (hazelnut); kahlua (coffee); kirsberry (cherry); marie brizard crème de cacao (chocolate); marie brizard crème de cassis (blackcurrant); midori (melon); montenegro (bitter orange); murdering point mulberry port; soho lychee liqueur; stone's ginger wine; vok triple sec (orange).

We have wines cellaring too, but that’s for another day . . . .


  1. i like your style.Food and alcohol.

  2. whoah! that's one well-stocked liqueur cabinet ;)


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