Friday 15 September 2006

beauty on the inside

I am amazed at where I discover new and interesting foods.

As part of pre-wedding beauty routine I have been treating myself to facials and massages at local beauticians.

First I must state that I am a massage/beauty treatment junkie. I’ve tried many beauticians and day spas and I know good from bad.

In my area, fifty percent of those I have tried have been bad. Others have been better, but not great. Then, like an oasis in the desert, Skin Therapeia miraculously appeared close to my apartment complex and offering divine spa treatments in über chic surrounds.

Usually when a treatment is complete you dress yourself then head to the counter to pay the bill. Not at Skin Therapeia! Instead I was lead into a plush lounge area where a plunger of tea and a small plate of snacks awaited me (in ultra funky tabelware too I might add!).

The tea was organic and was made from wild limes and ginger. The little plate of snacks (which was to bring up my blood sugar levels again) consisted of macadamia nuts, wild figs, organic pineapple, green sultanas and almonds.

The wild figs were more compact, tougher and smaller than usual figs, but they had an intense sweet-savoury flavour. The sultanas tasted similar to golden sultanas, but they seemed less sweet and somehow fresher. My favourite was the pineapple, the dried chunks glistening with internal sugars so they were almost glace.

I was so excited that even in the most unexpected places there are always interesting and unique food discoveries to be made. Even when you think you’re just getting a facial!


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