Monday 18 September 2006

recipe carousel #14 - crispy snacks

There’s nothing better than sitting back with a beer or a glass of wine and indulging in some good conversation. And how to fuel this chatter? Why with this week’s Recipe Carousel theme: crispy snacks.

Here are seven snack recipes that have that crunchie, crackling crispy texture that we all identify with the party atmosphere, whether that be snuggled up with family in front of a DVD or hosting a dinner party.

Microtato Chips are fat free potato crisps from Christiane in the USA (28 Cooks). She shares with us a secret microwave recipe to turn wafer-thin slices of potato into crispy snacks. Flavour with whatever spices you desire and lubricated with a little cooking spray, you too can make some nibbles that look as pretty as these. Photo courtesy of Christiane.

Butter Murukku are crunchy spidery snacks from Radhika in the USA (Radhi’s Kitchen). The recipe is surprisingly easy and consists of rice and gram flours and butter. The mixture is piped directly into hot oil. Radhika also explains that you should only mix the flours with the water just before frying or otherwise your final product will turn out a reddish colour. Photo courtesy of Radhika.

Sesame Asparagus are crispy treats from Santos in Guam (The Scent of Green Bananas). Green asparagus sticks are wrapped in prosciutto then dipped into egg wash, rolled in sesame seeds and then baked until toasted and crisp. Santos recommends serving these with Japanese mustard for dipping. Photo courtesy of Santos.

Polenta Chips from Haalo in Australia (Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once) gave me a big surprise. I’m not a polenta fan at all, but these crispy, fried goodies would be enough to turn anyone. Haalo lets the polenta firm up before dusting wedges in flour and deep frying to perfection. She suggests serving them with bubbly or beer as an appetiser, or even as a side to a main meal. Photo courtesy of Haalo.

Palakayalu are rice based savouries from Sailu in India (Sailu’s Food). Sailu would much prefer to create her own homemade savouries than buy them in the shop and she shows us her recipe for these dry rice crackers flavoured with vaamu (also known as ajwain, omamu or carom seeds – they are bitter, pungent and peppery and are believed to aid indigestion). Photo courtesy of Sailu.

Crispy Fish Balls are the work of Glutton Cat in the USA (Glutton Cat) who has devised these Turkish inspired snacks. Fish is blended with cornmeal, bread, garlic and parsley, then flavoured with cumin, pepper and oregano before being bound together with egg and saffron. They are deep fried to crunchy perfection and served hot to any gluttonous cat in waiting. Photo courtesy of Glutton Cat.

Thai Wontons bring back childhood memories of potlucks for Ed in the USA (Is it EDible?). These crunchy little appetisers are stuffed with garlic and flavoured with ginger, garlic, sesame, soy sauce and onion. Ed’s recipe provides two alternatives for cooking the wontons: in chicken broth to make a soup or deep frying them for the crispy effect. Photo courtesy of Ed.

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  1. hey Anna
    U have a great site here.Thanks for including my recipe here.Keep going.

  2. Hi Anna - what a great selection of snacks - and thanks for including mine!

  3. Love the butter murukku, I thought that it was some kind of wormy plant or beast when I saw the photo :))


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