Wednesday 6 September 2006

sydney fish markets

Ever seen sea urchins, barramundi, moreton bay bugs, periwinkles or jumbo Tasmanian oysters bigger than your hand? Then check out my photos of the Sydney Fish Markets.
Sydney Fish Market
Bank Street, Pyrmont
Open every day from 7:00am (except Christmas)
Tours available 6:55am Thursdays (A$20 entry)

According to their website, the Sydney Fish Market:
- Is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere
- Receives over two million local and international visitors annually
- Has more species of seafood on offer than any other market in the world outside Japan
- Auctions over 100 species of familiar and exotic varieties on any day
- Sells an average of 2,700 crates, or 50 tonnes of seafood every day
- Has a seafood school that attracts over 14,000 students per year

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  1. I just finished reading a post about a gal's husband and friends that hunted for sea urchins in the Greek Islands. Then I check out your flickr page and spot those sea urchin eggs and I'm like---WAHHHHHHHH! Life is not fair. I love them things, in sushi, spaghetti, fresh from a recent catch at sea...

    Sigh :-(


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