Monday 25 September 2006

recipe carousel #15 - yoghurt

This week my Recipe Carousel is focusing on seven recipes using yoghurt.

As a wee lass I loved the ultra sweet flavours of banana or fruit salad Yoplait. In Italy, I became addicted to a rich strawberry flavoured tub from Danone and as an adult back in Australia I am a devotee of King Island Dairy’s Honey & Cinnamon yoghurt.

I have also acquired a taste for Greek style yoghurts. They are so versatile: over fruit or in curries or dips.

The following seven recipes are a mixture of sweet and savoury with heavy influences from Indian cooking. I have also included a recipe on how to create the curd yourself.

Enjoy . . .

Curd Rice or Dadhojanam is a delicious looking side dish from Vineela in the USA (Vineela's Cuisine). Translated from its Sanskirt origins, dadhojanam means yoghurt rice and it is made by combining sona masoori rice (short, fat grains) with yoghurt, chilli urad dal (split, black lentils) and ginger then mixing with a ghee heated seasoning of mustard & fenugreek seeds, asafoetida and cashews. Photo courtesy of Vineela.

Spinach in Yoghurt or Mor Kerai is a recipe from Priya in the USA (Sugar and Spice). A spice paste of fresh coconut, soaked rice and chillies is added to yoghurt, spinach, spices and coconut oil to create an excellent accompaniment to vegetables and curry. Photo courtesy of Priya.

Vanilla, Melon & Yoghurt Soup is the reconstruction of a wonderful entrée experienced by Béa in the USA (La Tartine Gourmande). Béa journeyed home to France where she ate a memorable soup at Bistro Pères in Paris. Her own version includes yoghurt, rockmelon (cantaloupe), a vanilla pod, mint and muscat wine. It sounds simply wonderful – a gorgeous summer starter. Photo courtesy of Béa.

Yoghurt Rice w Mango is a recipe from Indira in India (mahanandi), that cojures up memories of childhood and yummy school lunches. Traditionally left over rice was mixed with warm milk and yoghurt culture to form curds overnight. The rice disintegrates a little to meld with the curds and the whole dish is like a gratin. Sweet, ripe mango was chopped and scattered on top for a lovely midday meal or dessert. Yum! Photo courtesy of Indira.

Maampazha Pulisseri is a sweet, sour and spicy sauce eaten with rice. RP in the USA (My Workshop) provides this recipe using sweet, ripe mangoes, yoghurt, spices and chillies. After it is cooked tadka (oil, mustard & fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and whole red chillies) is added. Photo courtesy of RP.

Strawberry & Yoghurt Jelly is a summer treat from Sumitha in Switzerland (Kitchen Wonders). Fresh strawberries are puréed and sweetened with sugar then gelatine is added before the mixture is layered into glasses. Next a similar yoghurt layer is created and the jellies are unmoulded once set. With such little fuss this is sure to be a pure and fresh flavoured dessert. Photo courtesy of Sumitha.

Yoghurt from scratch is explained out step by step by Nandita in India (Saffron Trail). She writes that leaving milk and yoghurt cultures overnight in a warm place will cause curds to develop. She even provides an interesting tip for developing very thick yoghurt. Photo courtesy of Nandita.

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  1. i like sweet sticky rice and mango, and yoghurt rice with mango sounds lovely. i wonder if it's healthier, too. it seems like it would be.

    blue plate

  2. Wow! Thank you for choosing my recipe of mampazha pulisseri. Thanks for letting me know about it.
    First time visiting your blog. Loved it. :)


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