Wednesday, 26 July 2006

hello "candy blog"

Maybe I am completely behind the times, but I just discovered a great site called Candy Blog and – yes, you guessed it – it's all about candy.

Candy is a very American word, but I must admit that it's a word I use all the time. Sorry, but it can't be helped when I have an American father and a Swedish fiancé.

Swedes call them godis (goodies), Aussies call them lollies, Brits call them sweets, but in the USA it's candy, candy, candy.

Candy Blog is a great database of wonderful sugar based goodies from around the globe, written up and reviewed by Cybele.

I am impressed with the range of candy flavours she tries and love the great table rating system she has developed. The whole layout of this blog is brilliant, easy to read and visually appealing. You get the sense that this is the place to come to investigate sugar produce.

I am also pleased to see a lot of candy and chocolates from around the world as well. Although there are a lot of American features, she’s pretty even handed considering the US produces so much of the world’s candy. With the range of information available on this site, I am completely inspired to go out there and try more candy myself (oh, great - more things for me to eat when I'm supposed to be on a wedding diet).

There are other blogs out there that focus completely on candy as well as and non-food related blogs that record the obscure confectionary that exists. Take for instance Floating World Views: Suzy, an Australian living in Japan, can’t help but notice the weird and wacky Kit Kat flavours that appear regularly in Japan (wine, cherry blossom, fruit parfait, green tea etc).

Anyway, Cybele's blog has really excited and invigorated me. It's just so interesting to read.

Yes, I am truly a blogging nerd.

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