Monday, 10 July 2006

recipe carousel #4 - chocolate

This week’s Recipe Carousel is all about chocolate.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many people who don’t like chocolate in some form or another. And if you do stumble across someone who doesn’t like chocolate, you can be sure they are aliens masquerading as humans.

Yes, this is the only way you can tell human and alien apart. Humans are genetically disposed to desiring chocolate, aliens can take it or leave it.

There are some interesting chocolate recipes out there, so here are seven of the unique and interesting (or just down right yummy) blogger recipes that I have found recently.

In no particular order:

Cocoa Nib Ice Cream was made by Keiko in the UK (Nordljus). She has one of the most beautiful blogs out there and her dessert creations are simply amazing. Please check out the photos when you visit. In this Michael Recchiuti recipe, she uses crunchy cocoa nibs, which are the edible part of the cocoa bean from which cocoa powder is obtained. Photo courtesy of Keiko.

Caramelized Matzoh Crunch w Chocolate is a recipe that David in France adapted from another recipe (David Lebovitz). Mr Lebovitz is well known in chocolate circles, having published a wide array of chocolate and cooking books as well as guiding walking tours to Paris’ finest chocolatiers. This recipe uses matzoh (the unleavened Passover bread), caramel and bittersweet chocolate and is finished with almonds and coarse sea salt. A sweet treat with an excellent crunch. Photo courtesy of David.

Chocolate Roasted Cauliflower is a savoury dish blogged by Shauna in the USA (Gluten Free Girl). It sounds weird but this recipe has been road tested by other bloggers who claim the results are delicious. To see the recipe, scroll down into the comments section of Shauna’s post and she’s left the instructions there. Photo courtesy of Shauna.

Rosemary Scented Truffles are the wonderful creation of Ilva in Italy (Lucullian Delights). Chocolate ganache is infused with pungent rosemary to make these wicked adult treats. Photo courtesy of Ilva.

Tarragon & Chocolate Biscotti were made from Christa’s home grown tarragon in the USA (Calendula & Concrete). As she said “tarragon and chocolate, who knew?” but it turned out to be a brilliant recipe. Photo courtesy of Christa.

Cacao Nibs & Zucchini Absorption Pasta was a unique invention from Clotilde in France (Chocolate & Zucchini). She manages to pair her namesake ingredients in perfect form using crunchy cocoa nibs and mandolin sliced zucchini in a pasta cooking technique from the 13th century. Photo courtesy of Clotilde.

Chocolate Cupcakes w Orange & Ginger Frosting comes from Deborah in Australia (The Food Palate). These gorgeous chocolate-black cupcakes look so rich and moist and the pale orange frosting makes my mouth water. Photo courtesy of Deborah.

Add your own recipe!
If you want to link in your own chocolate recipe and share the love around, just leave the link in the comments section. You didn’t have to invent the recipe yourself, just cook it and post it on your site. The whole idea of Recipe Carousel is that good recipes are shared with people who love to cook.
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  1. Anna, thank you for including my recipe here. This is so interesting... all the unique and unusual ways to use chocolate. I never thought it would go with cauliflower, but now I want to try this. The more ways we can eat chocolate...the better, right?

  2. Glad you liked the matzoh crunch! Don't wait until Passover to make it...

    : )


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