Thursday 6 July 2006

meme - confessions in groups of five

Oh, oh, oh! Last week I was tagged for the meme "Confessions in Groups of Five" by JenJen of Milk & Cookies.

JenJen and I have a bit in common: we both live in Sydney, we started our blogs around the same time and we have a strange ability to blog about the same things at the same time (eg my cupcake story and JenJen's cupcake story).

Thanks for tagging me, JenJen!

So, here I go:

Five items in the freezer
1) edamame - fry them up with chilli and garlic and you've got a brilliant, healthy snack
2) passionfruit ice cubes - I had way too many passionfruits and so I pulped them and froze them into star and heart shapes
3) chipotle chillies - individually wrapped and ready to make tlalpeño soup
4) svenska nubbar - tiny bottles of swedish aquavit
5) too much ice build up - my freezer is too cold

Five items in my closet
1) a suitcase that a small car could fit into
2) new pair of brown boots that I bought today
3) the dorkiest sun hat you ever did see
4) way too many clothes - I have the whole double wardrobe to myself and have turfed Jonas clothes into the cupboard in the spare room
5) an electric massager that works quite well and gets Jonas out of massaging me

Five items in my car
Since I don't have a car, I'll give you five reasons why.
1) I live close to the city (although Fabio would debate this because he's a snob)
2) There is regular public transport outside my front door
3) Cars are bad for the environment
4) Sydney's roads are very congested with vehicles and I wouldn't want to add to the problem
5) I never got my drivers license

Five items in my purse
1) Biotherm lip balm
2) Mentos Sours
3) my camera!
4) notebook for food related scribbles
5) antibiotics - yes, I'm sick AGAIN

Tag five people
I hope these people haven't been tagged yet. This meme has certainly done the rounds!
1) Suzy from Floating World Views (Japan)
2) Priya from Sugar and Spice (India)
3) Orchidea from Viaggi & Sapori (Sweden)
4) Emma from The Laughing Gastronome (New Zealand)
5) Josh from Chaxiubao (Hong Kong)

Does anyone know where this meme started???


  1. There shouldn`t be any svenska nubbar left in your freezer after midsommar ;-)

  2. if i can't walk there, i'm not going. (At heart i'm really a militant greenie you see)

  3. Great meme! Those passionfruit ice cubes sound really interesting!


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