Monday 24 July 2006

recipe carousel #6 - ice cream

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Since so many of my fellow bloggers live in the northern hemisphere and are experiencing an amazingly hot summer, I thought this week’s Recipe Carousel should be about ice cream!

There are some brilliant ice cream recipes out there, but I scoured the blogosphere and pulled out seven of my favourites for you.

Seven chilly treats for seven steamy northern hemisphere days.

Strawberry, Rhubarb & Almond Ice Lollies. Keiko in the UK (Nordljus) has produced another elegant dessert from her amazing repertoire. On this occasion individual shot glasses are filled with layers of stewed fruit and yoghurt based ice cream. Yum! Photo courtesy of Keiko.

Caramelised Oatmeal Ice Cream. Santos in Guam (The Scent of Green Bananas) shows her soft spot for Scottish fare with this modern take on the traditional Scottish dessert cranachan. Vanilla ice cream is mixed with caramelised oatmeal and whisky, then served with a raspberry sauce. Photo courtesy of Santos.

Blueberry Ice Cream. This classic berry is turned into a divine frozen cream by Mae in the Channel Island of Jersey (Rice and Noodles). Mae’s summer addiction to blueberries and the arrival of an ice cream machine meant we all can revel in this gorgeous creation. Photo courtesy of Mae.

Singapore Ice Cream. Flavoured with chilli, black peppercorns, candied ginger and pistachio, I am totally entranced by this delicious sounding, spicy ice cream. Tea in the USA (Tea and Cookies) devised her own version of tis exotic, delightful ice cream created by Alice B. Toklas. Ms Toklas wrote a cookbook in 1954, describing meals she shared with her pals, such as Picasso and Hemingway, during her life in Spain, France and the US. Photo courtesy of Tea.

Guinness Ice Cream. Using this indigenous Irish brew, Kieran in Ireland (Ice Cream Ireland) came up with this great recipe which combines Guinness, cream and choc chips. This ice cream might sound strange but it's a successful flavour for sale at Kieran’s own ice cream shops, Murphy’s, in Dingle and Killarney (Kerry, Ireland). Photo courtesy of Kieran.

Green Apple Sorbet. This verdant ice comes from Béa in the USA (La Tartine Gourmande). It is a simple recipe using Granny Smiths, lemon juice and sugar syrup and it keeps Béa cool during summers without air conditioning. Photo courtesy of Béa.

Honey Yoghurt & Pistachio Ice Cream. Nicky & Oliver in Germany (Delicious Days) came up with this great ice cream based on breakfast ingredients. Honey adds an extra sweetness to tangy Greek yoghurt and the pistachio nuts seem to add texture. Drizzle with extra honey (or if you’re like Oliver – extra, extra honey). Photo courtesy of Nicki & Oliver.

That’s all seven recipes for the week, but if you’re on an ice cream kick I suggest you check out a once off blogging event that was hosted by Sam at sweet pleasure : plaisir sucré where bloggers from around the globe contributed an array ice cream recipes. Flavours included: buttered pecan; butternut squash; Chambord (black raspberry liqueur); cherry blossom; chestnut; chocolate; coconut matcha; Dom Perignon; edamame (soy beans); elderflower; gianduia (choc-hazelnut); gooseberry & elderflower; lemon; Limoncello; mango; mojito; orange & honey caramel; pear; pistachio; prune frozen yoghurt; red finger millet (ragi); roasted cinnamon; strawberry; strawberry crème fraîche; Thai ice tea; three berry custard; vodka watermelon; and white peach!!!

If you want to catch any of my previous Recipe Carousels, here are links to posts on drinks, chocolate and soups.

Add your own recipe!
If you want to link in your own ice cream recipe and share the love around, just leave the link in the comments section. You didn’t have to invent the recipe yourself, just make it and post it on your site. The whole idea of Recipe Carousel is that good recipes are shared with people who love to cook.
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  1. What a great roundup! Thanks for including me. It has been hot lately--and now I have lots of ways to cool off:-)

  2. Wow! What a collection indeed. And chillies on ice cream? Sounds trully interesting. Of course Bea's apple sorbet too, is a must! I've tried the pistachio ice cream from 'Falling Cloudberries' and it was delicious with Nicki and Oliver's take on the pistachio with honey, sounds heavenly indeed.

    Thank you for adding my blueberry ice cream :-)

  3. Hi Anna
    Thanks for visiting Doughboy and thanks for reminding me to get started with my Guinness ice cream project (although Budweiser ice cream sounds possibly even more wacky)!

    Anna from Finland


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