Tuesday 4 July 2006

recipe carousel #3 - drinks

Mishaps yesterday prevented me from posting my usual Monday 'Recipe Carousel' so here it is on a Tuesday instead.

I have collected so many wonderful recipes from the food blog world that now I have decided to give Recipe Carousel a different theme each week.

This week it’s all about drinks, and in no particular order we have:

Lavender Orange Lush. Mae from the Channel Islands (Rice and Noodles) made this wonderful summer sipper. When I first saw this recipe, and the pretty photos, I was so impressed that it inspired the entire Recipe Carousel idea.

Plum Slushie. After experiencing a refreshing drink at a restaurant, Market Man from the Philippines (Market Manila) created his own version.

Aam Ki Lassi. Priya in the USA (Sugar and Spice) posts a tempting photo and simple recipe for India’s most famous beverage export, the mango lassi.

Icelandic Mountain Grass Tea. Virginie in France (Absolutely Green) provides the recipe for a very interesting tea using mountain lichen. When you first view this recipe it will appear in French but make sure you click on the little translator button to the right of her post.

Moru. The Chocolate Lady in the USA (Mol Araan) develops her own delicious, spicy recipe for this buttermilk based drink.

Kumquat Tea. Stephen in Taiwan (Eating China) provides the recipe for this citrus drink served warm to relieve colds. It can be drunk chilled too and is also known as Jin Ji Cha.

Ayran. Binnur, a Turk in Canada (Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook), shares her recipe for this traditional drink made of yoghurt and salt and drank by Turks at almost every meal.

Enjoy the sipping, slurping and glugging that can be had from these yummy recipes.

1st photo = Lavender Orange Lush courtesy of Mae
2nd photo = Plum Slushie courtesy of Market Man
3rd photo = Ayran courtesy of Binnur

Add your own recipe!
If you want to link in your own beverage recipe and share the love around, just leave the link in the comments section. You didn’t have to invent the recipe yourself, just make it and post it on your site. The whole idea of Recipe Carousel is that good recipes are shared with people who love to cook.
Note: any spam or non-drink recipe links will be deleted.


  1. This is such a great idea of yours. Showcasing recipes by type. Thanks for adding me in :)

  2. Yummy! I am so happy to be included in this cooling collection.


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